Try a mental mindful declutter to soothe your feelings of stress, worry and anxiety.

This is a mindful activity designed to calm you and feel the freedom from declutter..

Close your eyes

Visualise how you expect to feel after you declutter your mind.

Decide what you need to declutter.

Get yourself ready by visualising a list of things you can declutter: 

Imagine how you will feel being free from such clutter.

You can create your own mind bin to sweep your clutter into.

Now visualise you are ready and confident to unclutter your mind.  You know it won’t change reality.  But it’s not reality that’s the problem right now.  The problem is the way you store it in your mind.

Place yourself in this moment (using your own mind’s eye). Now you can get ready for your MIND DECLUTTER: A MINDFULNESS PRACTICE

Imagine the following sequence of mindful events: MIND DECLUTTER: A MINDFULNESS PRACTICE

  1. Ensure you are sitting in a safe and comfortable position, free from disturbances so that you can continue with this activity.
  1. Picture yourself infront of your minds wardrobe.  Your mind is like a big wardrobe with draws and little compartments.
  1. You have your best company with you….your “self”.  You need yourself so that you can ask and answer.  You can bring up topics and rationalise what needs to be kept in your minds wardrobe, and what needs to go into the bin.
  1. You acknowledge that its been a while since you have taken a rest from your busy life, and how nice it is that you can now declutter and tune into your own self wellness.  You really look forward to this because in no time at all you will have a mind free of clutter and your minds cupboard will be well organised.
  1. You go through the first draw and notice you have kept things that no longer fit you.  You have out grown some issues and you decide you can give yourself permission to let go.  You can keep some memories, and you can let go of the rest.  This feels good.  You do it respectfully.
  1. You move to another draw and you notice you have things in there that belong to the future.  It’s been difficult to ignore, but you know now that holding on to such ideas and thoughts have only exhausted you.  You give yourself permission to let them go.  So you place them into the bin too.
  1. There is a section up the top of your cupboard where you have thrown so many things up there and they just circulate round and round your mind.  They tire you.  They are judgements, criticisms, and replays of so many events.  You have wondered what you need to do to switch it off.  You realise you need to break the pattern of this rumination. So you stand on a chair and reach it all, and sweep it out of your mind and into the bin.  You feel good instantly. 
  1. You notice the bottom of your cupboard are the emotions you bury. You put a smile on because they once protected you. Then you forgot to let them go. Perhaps you weren’t ready to let them go. But you now know it’s ok to set them free.
  1. How good does this feel so far.
  1. You now stand back and evaluate, you notice the changes that you have created and you immediately feel good.
  1. The only thing you have left to do no is close the cupboard door.
  1. The one last finishing touch that you need to make is to wipe down that door and you do this with a smile.
  1. You make a quiet agreement, and it goes something like this.…
  1. I will pay more attention clutter now.  Sometimes I may want to hold onto things a little and that’s okay, but I will become more mindful so that I don’t hold on to things that are not serving me.
  1. Fill your body and your mind with all the calm, all the peace, all the joy.
  1. It’s like a sense of accomplishment.  You decide that you may check in on your cupboard every so often just incase something is there that needs to be removed.
  1. You are now ready to continue with your day.
  1. Feeling fresh and brand new.
  1. Nice and relaxed.
  1. Now you can open your eyes.
  1. Be sure to do this mind declutter regularly.

Created by Amanda Dounis


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It is important to know that resources are available if you are experiencing anxiety , and exploring other websites, such as mindaustralia, and headspace.  

I welcome you to visit my podcast to learn about anxiety basics.

In any emergency you can always reach out to lifeline.

Help is also available for kids, and support for families too.

You may find my Coping Skills Handbook a great resource.  It teaches kids how to cope with everyday challenges using a simple C.O.P.E. formula.

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