Online Therapy

Online Psychotherapy, Counselling, Hypnotherapy

If you ever want or need Counselling, Psychotherapy, or Hypnotherapy in the comfort and convenience of your own home; perhaps distance is a problem; too busy; or a disability preventing you from obtaining face-to-face counselling, then online therapy may be suitable for you.

All you need is a computer, cable or DSL internet, webcam (for Skype), and a free Skype account from, or your preferred method of online interaction such as messenger video, face time, zoom, or other.  Just be mindful about which platform you choose in terms of encryption and security.

Sydney time GMT +10

The Positive Thinking Clinic also offers:

1. Email counselling

  • You email the problem or issue that you are dealing with.
  • We email you some questions.
  • You then email back your thoughts, feelings and reflections.
  • The process continues for the amount of counselling emails purchased.
  • Then at the end, we send you a concluding email.
  • Response time will be within 48 hours.
  • You can choose when you want to respond back.

Please note, emails are not considered a confident means of communication.  If you wish to participate in email counselling, you must sign consent that you understand and accept this.

2. Skype counselling

  • We set up a time and a day where you wish to receive counselling.
  • At that time both you and the therapist will log into Skype and start typing away, just like using MSN Messenger.
  • Our Skype name is “Amanda Dounis”
  • One session lasts for approximately one hour.
  • After the designated number of sessions, the therapist will send you a concluding email.
  • You will need to be registered with Skype to use this service. See

3. Telephone counselling

  • You can also receive counselling through the telephone.
  • A time and day is set up.
  • Amanda Dounis will ring you.
  • One session lasts for about one hour.

4. Mobile counselling

Our modern world is all about convenience.  In certain circumstances Amanda may be available to provide Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy in the comfort of your own home or a selective location.  Some people prefer Counselling services outdoors whilst walking, or Hypnotherapy in the comfort of their own home.  All that is needed is a quiet place with 2 chairs.  This needs to be discussed with and approved by Amanda.  The main determining factor is location /distance. As a general rule Amanda will only be able to provide a mobile service within a certain range of surrounding suburbs.  If interested you may discuss this with Amanda to see if your location qualifies.

Please note: fees for the above services are paid for in advance