Professional Development

Current First Aid and CPR

  • Suicide First Aid
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid: Teenagers and Adolescents.

Anaphylaxis & EpiPen

  • Emergency Asthma Management
  • Asthma Improvement Program

Child Protection

  • Keep Them Safe Training
  • Keep Them Safe – NSW Action Plan
  • Making a Difference: Child Protection
  • The Rights of Children
  • Identifying and Responding to Children and Young People at Risk
  • Engaging with Parents and Infants in the first 1000 Days
  • Give Children a Bigger Voice more of the time: Children’s and Young People’s Experiences of the Family Law System
  • Child Safe Foundation Webinar


  • General Code of Conduct Cert.
  • Health Records Act 2022 Cert.


Guiding Behaviour

  • Managing Children’s Behaviour
  • Understanding Stress & Anxiety in Young Children
  • Positive Behaviour Support – Identifying the Behaviours you want
  • Positive Behaviour Support – Analysing the Behaviour
  • Distracted and Disorganized Kids in a Digital Generation: Techniques to Influence Neuroplasticity, Manage Screen Time and Implement Sensory Smart Movement.
  • Anger Transformation Summit
  • Working with children


  • Peaceful Kids Mindfulness Facilitator

Sand Play Therapy

  • Children’s Play Experiences
  • Sand Tray Therapy

Suicide Crisis Intervention Skills

  • National Crisis Supporter
  • ASIST: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
  • Telephone Counselling
  • Domestic & Family Violence
  • Crisis Supporter Domestic & Family Violence (DFV)
  • Self Injury and Mental Health
  • Non-Suicidal Injury (NSSI)
  • World Suicide Prevention Day
  • Management of Self Injury and Suicidality
  • 1800RESPECT: Access to Justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women Impacted b Violence: Experiences, Barriers, and the National Framework
  • Suicide Prevention Summit
  • Suicide Ideation in Primary School Aged Children
  • Suicide Prevention and Treatment of Trans, Intersex, and other sex diverse parents – intro

Road Safety Education

  • Supporting Early Literacy through Road Safety Education
  • Road Safety & Water Safety


  • Successful Strategies for Inclusion
  • Weaving Australian Indigenous Culture into our Curriculums
  • Make it Multicultural
  • Diversity
  • Promoting Cultural Home Language
  • Language Development & the Needs of Children from a NESB

Speech & Language Stimulation 

  • Speech and Language Stimulation Ideas in Early Childhood

Autism Spectrum Education

  • Autism – Getting to know the Basics

Strategies for Inclusion

  • Coordinate the Assessment & Delivery of Services to Clients with Particular Needs
  • Working effectively with Families of Students with Special Needs
  • Working with Education Support for Staff when Including a Student with Additional Needs Q & A

Emergent Curriculum

  • An overview of the Reggio Emilia Experience
  • Investigation: Teaching & Learning
  • Social Frameworks
  • Early Years Learning Framework
  • Putting the Early Years Learning Framework into Practice
  • Being Becoming & Belonging
  • Educational Portfolios
  • Portfolios: Meeting Accreditation & Licensing Standards
  • Intentional Teaching
  • Research & Practice
  • Relationships in Early Childhood
  • Wellness & Wellbeing in Early Childhood
  • Nominated Supervisor – NQF Implementation

Communicating with Families

  • Theories of Family Counselling
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Analyse Relationship Issues
  • Empowering Parents Pack
  • Building Warm Relationships with Preschool Families

Child Development & Effective Parenting

  • Child Development & Effective Parenting Theoretical Concepts
  • Effective Communication between Parents & Children
  • Parent & Child Conflict Resolution
  • Behaviour Modification Program Development
  • Behaviour Modification Program Implementation
  • Child Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Anger Transformation

Working with Children & Adolescents

  • Raising Children in a Sexual World
  • Counselling Students
  • Student Mentoring
  • Helping Students Understand Emotional Triggers
  • CBT TOOLBOX for Children and Adolescents: Trauma, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Conduct Disorders
  • Deep Conversations with Teens
  • MindOUT: LGBTIQ + Young People’s Mental Health Help-Seeking and Digital Cultures
  • Using Success Criteria to make Learning Visible
  • Addressing Internet Gaming Addiction in Clinical Work

Occupational Health & Safety

  • Health & Safety
  • Safety in the Workplace
  • Fire Extinguisher & Chief Fire Warden Training

I’m Alert – Food Safety

  • Food Safety and Food Handling


  • Group Work, Team Dynamics & Leadership
  • Communication Skills: Professional Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
  • Hiring, Firing & Everything In Between
  • Duty of Care for Managers & Supervisors
  • Bullying & Harassment for Managers & Supervisors
  • Basic Foundations & Marketing Master Class
  • Management Committee Training
  • Plan & Conduct Group Activities
  • Practical Recycling processes for preschool
  • Human Leadership in Early Childhood: building the skills of our young people
  • Counselling Students Effectively
  • Using Success Criteria to Make Learning Visible
  • Having the Restorative Conversation
  • Women in Education Leadership
  • Blogging & Blog Writing Program
  • Podcast Recordings
  • Relationships, the Centre of Education
  • Professional Supervision
  • ACA College of Supervisors
  • Penelope: Building a Better Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)
  • Human Leadership in Early Childhood – Building the Skills of your People
  • Moving your Practice Online (Online Therapy Institute)
  • Telehealth for Mental Health Professionals: Distance Therapy Training
  • Infection Control Training
  • COVID-19 Returning to the Workplace

Life Coaching

  • REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy) Life Coaching
  • Forgiveness Life Coaching
  • Goal Setting Life Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence Life Coaching
  • Cognitive Behaviour Life Coaching

Environmental Sustainability

  • “It’s not easy being Green” Early Childhood Environments

Time & Stress Management

  • Stress & Stress Management
  • Plan & Conduct Stress Management Programs

Workforce Management System

  • Adult Leadership
  • Moving Your Practice Online
  • Hypnotherapy recording techniques

Positive Living Skills

Counselling & Hypnosis 

  • The Counselling Process
  • Counselling Skills
  • Analysis & Evaluation in Counselling
  • Analyse Personality & Human Development
  • Theoretical Foundations of Counselling
  • Reflective Counselling
  • Establish & Maintain Client-Counsellor Relationship
  • Mindfulness
  • Managing Anger and Tense Moments
  • Bullying and Resilience
  • Self Compassion and Mindfulness
  • Yoga and Mindfulness: Children and Teens
  • Melting Worry and Relaxation
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Hypnosis Interventions for Anxiety, Trauma, Stress, Pain, Addiction and Obesity
  • Vehicle Behaviour Metaphor
  • Bringing Transformative Life Lessons into Therapy
  • CBT Toolbox for Adults: Traum, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Conduct Disorders
  • Smoking Cessation Essentials
  • What is Schizophrenia?
  • Best Practice for Psychosocial Treatment in Schizophrenia
  • Safe and Effective Prescribing for Schizophrenia
  • Collaborating to Recognise and Address the Mental Health Impacts of Loneliness
  • Treatment Principles for People Living with Borderline Personality Disorder
  • ACT for Chronic Pain
  • The Art of Simple Hypnosis
  • Solutions in Hypnosis – A practical Ericksonian Solution
  • Clinical Applications of Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Dealing with the reality of Psychoneuroimmunology

Clinical Hypnosis and Cancer

Counselling & Abuse

  • Abuse & Abuse Counselling
  • Analyse Requirements Relating to Abuse Issues
  • Institutional Child Sexual Abuse: An Introduction to Survivor Experience


  • Trauma Defined: Bessel Van Der Kolk on The Body Keeps the Score
  • The Body Remembers: Integrating Body and Mind for Trauma Recovery
  • Overcoming Trauma Relating to Shame and Self-Loathing
  • Crisis and Trauma Hypnotherapy Program


EMDR Mastery Course

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy Diploma

Addictions & Habits

  • Treating Addictions with Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy
  • Skills for Addiction – Free Living: Behavioural Self Control
  • Motivational Interviewing: Brief Therapy for Addictions
  • Psychological Treatments for Trichotillomania
  • Certified Hypnosis Addiction Recovery COACH (ICBCH)
  • Disrupting Rumination: Changing the Cognitions that Underlie Anxiety and Depression


  • Face to Face Telephone Crisis Support
  • Client-Centred Telephone Counselling
  • Telephone Counselling in Crisis Situations
  • Suicide Intervention in a Telephone Counselling Context
  • Co-ordinating Mental Health Care for People Experiencing Suicide Bereavement
  • Mental Health Super Summit
  • Accidental Counsellor Course
  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Practicalities of Counselling

  • Learning Theories & Counselling Practice
  • Family Therapy: Genograms
  • Apply & Evaluate Family Therapy Intervention Processes
  • Integrating your Client’s Spirituality in Clinical Practice
  • Brain Care: Applying the Neuroscience of Well-Being to Help Clients
  • Brain to Brain: Mastering the Neurobiological Waltz
  • The 5 Stages of Living Well with Autoimmune Conditions

Relationship Counselling & Conflict Resolution

  • Theoretical Concepts in Relationship Counselling
  • Factors Contributing to Relationship Failure
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Behaviour Modification & Relationship Counselling
  • The Impact of Learning & Modelling on Intimate Relationships
  • Social Relations in the Workplace
  • Relationship Counselling in Hypnotherapy

Different Therapies

  • Apply & Evaluate Solution Focused Therapy in Counselling
  • Apply & Evaluate Behaviour Therapy in Counselling
  • Apply & Evaluate Person Centered Therapy in Counselling
  • Apply & Evaluate Gestalt Therapy in Counselling
  • Apply & Evaluate Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Counselling

Using Behaviourism in Counselling

  • Using Social Learning in Counselling (Modelling)

Weight and Nutrition

  • Global Weight Management Congress
  • Global Weight Management “Virtual Hypnotherapy”
  • “Nutrified Restart” Nutrition Program
  • Nutrition Physiology
  • Nutrition and Mental Health
  • Hypnoband Practitioner
  • Diet and Hypnosis
  • Weight Loss in a Box
  • Nutritional and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Professionals
  • Attachment-Focused EMDR for an Eating Disorder
  • Foundations of Eating Disorders

Develop, Facilitate & Monitor all aspects of Case Management

  • Mental Health Super Summit
  • Brain 101
  • Applications of Positive Psychology Masterclass
  • Application of Therapies
  • Working with Clients Intensively
  • DBT in action
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • How to move from Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Presence

Research Methods

  • Undertake Research Activities

Ethics, Law & Counselling

  • Meet Ethical Standards in Practice
  • Association Code of Ethics (AHA, ACA)

Anxiety Toolkit

  • Motivating the Anxious Client: A Paradoxical Approach
  • The Neurobiology of Anxiety
  • Interrupting the Anxiety Cycle
  • Single-Session Cures with Anxiety Problems
  • Defeating Panic
  • 33 Tips and Tools for the Anxiety Toolbox: Using CBT, DBT, Mindfulness and ACT
  • Mastering the Anxiety Game
  • Healing Anxiety: Evidence-Based CBT, Mindfulness and Hypnosis Techniques that Really Work!

Depression Toolkit

  • Depression: An Experimental Approach
  • Lifting the Trance of Depression
  • Overcoming Resistance in Depression Treatment
  • The Mindful Way through Depression
  • When Depression and Anxiety Co-Occur
  • The Cognitive Therapy of Depression
  • A Mind-Body Approach to Depression
  • 33 Tips and Tools for the Depression Toolbox: Using CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, and ACT
  • Rethinking Depression
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis in the Treatment of Depression


  • Time Line Therapy (NLP)
  • Master Practitioner (NLP
  • Master Practitioner of Quantum Linguistics
  • Master Practitioner of Advanced Emotional Intelligence EQ2
  • Master Practitioner of Values-Based Change
  • Letting go of Limiting Beliefs

Infection Control Training – Covid-19

Amanda believes being committed and consistent in regularly updating skills and knowledge has created a confident professional within herself