self improvement packages

The Positive Thinking Clinic has now finalised packages for children and adults, 

whether individual, couple, team or family.

Each month Amanda at the Positive Thinking Clinic will be welcoming anyone who is interested in working out personal issues, or simply interested in being the best version of themselves.  Programs /packages offered aim at wellness and are strength based.  

Counselling, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Hypnotherapy will be methods used to deliver services.

Below is a calendar of what will be promoted during each month of the year.  

Should a particular month not be ideal for you and you like the promotion, just make a call and you will be able to participate in the package at a more convenient time for you.

  • Packages are between 1 to 4 sessions.  
  • There are also single hypnosis sessions.
  • Workshops specific to children or teens are also included

Email your inquiry and Amanda will be able to answer all your questions and individualise any package to make it ideal for your personal needs.  Remember the goal is for wellness, to get unstuck, to move forward, to get results, and improve yourself (become your best self).


  • Hypnoband
  • Stop smoking
  • Be the best you through self awareness, acceptance, choice and action
  • Single session hypnosis: blood pressure
  • 9 tools for inner peace – guided journeys [kids]
  • Kids workshop: creating wellness tools
  • Kids workshop: mindfulness skills for kids
  • Kids workshop: anxiety and bullying
  • Kids workshop: self empowerment
  • Kids workshop: anxiety and starting school
  • Kids workshop: anxiety and anger


  • Deal with anxiety
  • Hypnosis for relaxation
  • Nutrition for mental health
  • Your best year ever
  • Mindfulness based cognitive therapy 
  • Single session hypnosis: child issues e.g. bed wetting, nail biting etc


  • Road to calm
  • Beyond belief
  • Meditations to change your brain
  • Single session hypnosis: child birth and woman issues e.g. cramps, prep for surgery etc
  • Homework focus, concentration, and motivation [kids and teens]
  • Be mindful [teens]


  • Deal with anxiety
  • Enhanced personal skills for kids program [kids]
  • Tackle phobias
  • Single session hypnosis: conditions e.g. asthma, IBS, incontinence, yawning etc
  • The power of your child’s imagination to transform stress and anxiety into joy and success [kids and teens]
  • Plus kids workshops during school holidays


  • Self hypnosis and diet audio
  • Single session hypnosis: Depression 
  • Relaxation and meditation for teens
  • Yoga and mindfulness practices [kids] and [teens]


  • Hypnosis for relaxation
  • Hypnoband
  • Letting go of anxiety
  • Deep speak [teens]
  • Single session hypnosis: Emotional & Psychological issues e.g. nervousness, panic, stress, etc 
  • Plus kids workshops during school holidays


  • Deal with anxiety
  • Anxiety management techniques
  • Weight loss 12 week weight release
  • Self compassion and mindfulness [teens]
  • Single session hypnosis: Eyes, ears, nose & head e.g. dental, dyslexia, migraine etc
  •  Plus kids workshops during school holidays


  • HSC stress
  • Relaxation and meditation for teens
  • Road to calm
  • Mindfulness skills [kids]
  • Single session hypnosis: Hypnosis for change


  • Manage your weight audio sessions
  • Mindfulness
  • Healing grief
  • Melting worries and relaxing [kids]
  • Single session hypnosis: Healing, health
  • Plus kids workshops during school holidays


  • Nutrition and mental health
  • Deal with anxiety
  • Growing mindful [kids and teens]
  • Single session hypnosis: Pain, relief
  • Plus kids workshops during school holidays


  • Planning for a better year 
  • Feelings [kids]
  • Calm place [kids]
  • Single session hypnosis: Sexual issues


  • Hypnosis for relaxation
  • Stop smoking

If you are interested or curious about any of the above send me an email and I’ll be able to answer your queries.


or call me on 0458 850 850