I’m Amanda Dounis the author of Coping Skills Handbook: 4 steps for kids to cope with everyday challenges… it’s a book to empower our kids to have a calmer, more focused and emotionally balanced life. 

WHO IS THIS BOOK FOR? My coping skills handbook.

This book is for kids aged between 8-12.  But I must say its relevant for younger and older kids too.  In fact, the skills can be shared by parents and carers as well to have an insight into how our kids are dealing with challenges and support them by using the skills with them too. My coping skills handbook is amazing.


Many kids these days are living with excess worry.  They are having trouble with relationships (in school, out of school, and in the home).  They are also becoming “stuck”, unable to move past some emotions such as sadness.  My coping skills handbook is amazing. Anger, for many kids is also becoming an experience that they are unsure how to safely manage and move away from. And there are many other challenges that our kids face like school pressures, peer pressures, anxiety and other day to day kids stuff…

I’ve been in the early childhood sector for many years, and since opening my clinical therapy practice too, I have had lots of kids show me the trending challenges that they face today.  But this also means that these kids also show me what coping skills work for them, and they share with me what they need. 

I’m very lucky to work so closely with kids and their families from as young as 6 weeks old in my 4 early childhood centres, right up to early teenagers and all the ages in between in my therapy centre. 


My coping skills handbook is amazing. I want to thank these kids for helping me write this book.  In one way or another they have all contributed to something in this book because they share with me their challenges and we get to play with the solutions too… you know kids and their honesty they’ll soon tell me if the skills I teach them are on track, they’ll have no qualms about telling me if what we’re doing is not connecting with them!!! Brutal sometimes, but honest, I love that about kids!


In the book we learn that today’s challenges get solved, but new ones will exist tomorrow and the next day, just like they did yesterday.  And that’s ok. But our kids, relationship to these challenges will be one with far less confusion and fear and far more confidence and certainty after learning the skills in the book. With each challenge that I present in the book, I offer a friendly C.O.P.E. formula that’s really easy for them to use and adapt. Each child can apply it to themselves in their own unique way. My coping skills handbook is amazing.

It’s a great insight for us as parents and carers, into how our kids are coping with everyday challenges.


They will learn to C.O.P.E with such issues as managing anger, moving away from sadness, improving relationships (in the home and school), winning and losing, dealing with unkind words, acknowledging feelings, dealing with worry, slowing down the busy mind, managing pressures, letting go of stress, and a few more new discoveries along the way.

This book is an amazing companion for any child to turn each year into their best year as they learn to embrace challenges and develop their own unique way of coping using the 4 step C.O.P.E formula offered in each chapter. My coping skills handbook is amazing.

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