Journaling happens to be one of the most common uses of reflective journaling. Used  for writing down experiences, feelings, and dreams, or just letting go. For a number of reasons people turn to journaling. You will discover a journalling tip for wellness.

My name is Amanda Dounis and I’m from the positive thinking clinic.

Now several times a year. I hand out a format or a template on journaling. Quite often I suggest to my clients that it would be a good idea if they journal as well. Read on as I have a great Journalling tip for wellness.

Whats in a journal: Journalling tip for wellness

Now my journaling template, just to give you an example covers things like: 

Sleep; We can record how we slept last night. 

A Daily Journal which is about what happened (as in past if you’re writing this entry in the evening), or what is happening today, (if you’re doing the entry in the first part of the day).

Gratitude: Journalling tip for wellness

A gratitude journal where you can record, and remind yourself of what you’re grateful for and you can pay particular attention to new things, to be grateful for and different things to be grateful for.

Productivity journal; What is or what will be, or what was my most important task for the day? Remember to maintain wellness.

Mood journal. How did we feel, or how do I feel.   To help to move forward check out way a head.


Writing is therapy: Journalling tip for wellness

So writing is therapy. It’s totally different from texting or even voice recording. There’s just something different when you have a thought and you express it with pen and paper. Quite often I have people in my clinic who come, and struggle to express themselves. But in the end you will see my Journalling tip for wellness

On expression:

What I mean is, they struggle to say what they are thinking or feeling and I give them a pen and paper. And it’s amazing what gets written. So I do value writing. In recent times I’ve come to notice, I ask people who are already journaling before they begin therapy with me. And I say to them; What kind of things do you write about and how helpful is journaling? 

A pattern

I have discovered that, quite often, journaling is usually talking about feelings of a negative nature. And it’s a constant reminder to that one person who’s journaling that they feel negative or lack of trust, or betrayed, or they feel angry, and they feel all these negative things. Your aim is always for wellness.

But wait: Journalling tip for wellness

Journaling is not just about writing down your feelings. Yet very often we make the suggestion when people are heightened with experiences of emotional reactions, that we say journaling can help you release some of this. And it’s true. 

What worries me is that, if you only get used to writing about negative feelings and negative experiences, then I feel that you may be teaching your mind that it’s a pattern. You also benefit from choosing strengths.

Do something different:

Now. I’ve been taught to believe that when we’re running a pattern that we don’t like we should interrupt it. And so my suggestion is, it’s okay to write honestly and purely,  but do you need to change the way that you journal? And by that I mean… Is it time now that you write how you want to be? Grow yourself mindfully.

Now. I’m not going to say you should write what you wish to be, what you hope to become. I’m going to say… It might be time right now to say. I’m grateful for this even though that happened. And even though I’m feeling this way I’m going to move out of this space and I’m going to do this and I’m going to do some kindness for myself. Click here for tips on letting go of anger.

Creativity: Journalling tip for wellness

Journalling tip for wellness: What I’d like you to invite is creativity. And acknowledge all the truths within you and then expand on them because writing or journaling is therapeutic. Do you need to change the way you journal, did you ever think about that. Try it, try it for a number of weeks, especially if you’re a consistent writer. And then see what changes. Notice that you yourself interrupt your own parents. I hope you felt this useful. Nothing feels better than a pathway to relaxation.

My name is Amanda Dounis and I’m from the positive thinking clinic. 

My Journalling tip for wellness requires you to change the way you journal and this can help change your thoughts and the way you evolve.

Hypnotherapy can help you make the changes you need to help you change the way your write.  Even thought you can write consciously, you can write unconsciously too.  

Amanda Dounis

Positive Thinking Clinic

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Amanda Dounis at Positive Thinking Clinic
Amanda Dounis at Positive Thinking Clinic
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