What do you need to do for your own wellness? All we ever truly have is the present moment.  Basically this is one of the statements I make in my clinic.  It is this moment that you get the opportunity to embrace life.  Subsequently it is such moments where you can create your own celebrations or acknowledge that the moment isn’t going so well.  In addition, with such scenarios as options, let’s realise that at all times, its useful to embrace life.

The power of reflection

There are useful moments where you need to stop and reflect.  Its up to you what you choose to reflect on.  Above all just don’t forget to reflect on the good stuff too.  Most importantly build on them.  After that you may discover a new meaning on reflection.  Let your mind be free to wonder amongst the reflection.  Offer no resistance, and then you can evaluate the way you reflect.  Move toward useful reflections.  Note, reflection on both the good and the not so good can be useful.

Teachable moments

Allow your experiences to teach you.  To sum up, let them become teachable moments.  Find ways to keep learning and test yourself as to what you may be learning at any present moment. Hypnotherapy can be a useful pathway to discover teachable moments.

Step out of your comfort zone

I have learned so much just from stepping out of my comfort zone.  Further more, I do it so often now that I love doing it.   However I confess I control what I like to step out of, but at least I do it.  For example, it’s great for my brain.  In addition, it’s great for my courage, and its great for skill building.  So take a look at your own life and your comforts.  What can you do to step outside that comfort zone every so often.  Make a list and tick it off, if this suits you.  

Enjoy your new found teachable moments.  

Don’t forget to find some outside of your comfort zones.

Do you know what you need for your own wellness?
Do you know what you need for your own wellness?

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