Fun and interactive solutions for kids to learn ways to let go of anger, and manage tense moments.  You don’t need to be “angry” to attend these workshops.  In-fact they are so useful in preparing kids to deal with current situations or future situations.  So lets tame frustration!


In these fun programs:

  • kids develop skills for positive changes;
  • kids learn how to use anger in healthy ways;
  • kids learn tools to deal with anxiety;
  • kids learn how to remain calm in emotionally tense moments
  • kids learn simple skills to successfully manage anger.


In our programs, kids will learn to notice anger signals and reactions within their own body and minds.  And they will learn how to truly calm themselves down.  It goes without saying that we get good at what we practice.  So kids need to practice what they learn with our programs.


By successfully managing their anger, they will feel calmer, be more confident to face and deal with challenges, and have better relations with others.  Better still, they will have a better understanding and help others to remain calm.


Anger is a process… we habituate… we learn how to be angry.  Now lets learn something different…


All kids from preschool, primary school age through to late teens benefit from these workshops and programs.  And remember, not everyone is here because they are angry.  Some kids just come along to gain tools, some to learn more about it, and some just for personal development skills.  Whatever the reason, kids always take something positive away.  Not only do we hold workshops at the Positive Thinking Clinic, but our affiliated child care centres run the programs too.


Amanda Dounis

Psychotherapist and Early Childhood Teacher