Did you know that Hypnotherapy can be useful even when you cant find a purpose for it???

That’s right.  Did you know that you can use Hypnosis to help remind you of your own resources.  Yep, those resources you possess that you don’t need right now but you may need one day.  

I had a client come into the clinic one day and asked me for a session.  During our interview she spoke so positively and neutrally.  In fact much of her negative experiences were dismissed or lightly mentioned  as a “pass by” kind of story.

Trained in Neuro-Linguisitic Programming I of course set myself out to listen to her language. And then I asked her about her goals for the session.  She said “I just want to feel good”. But she did not walk in feeling less than good? I welcomed the challenge.

It turns out, she has had hypnotherapy before in the past, and she remembered how good it made her feel.  She wanted a “feel good” session.  So I thought, lets get creative.  

We commenced with a pleasant induction; one suited to her lifestyle as she had explained it to me.  She shared a special memory which made her feel confident and empowered at one point in her life.  I used this as an anchor.  

Then I spent the rest of the session metaphorically suggesting powerful cognitions, beliefs and imagery.  To sum up, it was a picture of her best self.  Feeling comfortable with present day living, allowing yesterdays stories to remain in the past (accessing only when required and with less emotional attachment), and allowing tomorrow to be full of surprises, only planning for a predictable future and letting the rest be comfortably unknown.

Her feedback from the session was that she felt so good and energised.  This was the “top up” that she was looking for.  And you know what? It’s so nice to know that you do not need to come in with something troubling you, to create a better you.  Why wait…. 

Hypnosis is kind, friendly, gentle, creative and I see it as self care.  I think Hypnosis creates a certain wellness, as it gives the conscious mind permission to just relax, so that the unconscious mind and can respectfully be re-nourished.

We try relaxing, we try yoga, we try meditations, …. Try Hypnosis.

Modern Clinical Hypnotherapy is a wonderful and powerful form of Psychotherapy.  Cognitive Therapy in Counselling techniques and subconscious healing techniques are used.  The clients are assisted into a deep relaxed state so they can begin to allow the changes to take place in their automatic behaviours and /or emotional reactions so that they become more positive.

Clients are assisted to come into conscious awareness of their sub-conscious beliefs and their desires.  This allows them to identify and deal with any imbalance between beliefs and desires.  This reduces feelings of stress and anxiety, and thus increases feelings of calmness and positivity.

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