Welcome to Family tips. We are always interested in tips. Sometimes there are things that we already know but it’s refreshing to be able to be reminded and given that opportunity to learn something new or to be refreshed. Sometimes it’s a new way of thinking for us. Either way it serves us to be curious and improve our role in our relationships.

Even the relationships that we have with ourselves. 

Parenting Tip: Being Present

I’m Amanda Dounis and I’m from the positive thinking clinic. I’m an early childhood teacher, professional counselor, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, and master NLP practitioner. 

I would like to share the following with you today. One of the most important things that we can do for our children is actually be there. In a sense we can consider it as showing up.

We need to physically be there, mentally be there, emotionally be there. In the moment in the conversation in the feeling. In a sense it’s like being mindful being self-aware. Being self aware of themselves as well inviting them into the space that you share each time that we do this. PARENTING TIP: BEING PRESENT

We are helping our children to feel secure. To feel acknowledged important and to be safe whatever they are experiencing they will feel soothed knowing that you are present with whatever conversation is being held at that time. We need to help our children to feel safe and secure by not being the source of the fear. So it’s important how we respond to our children regardless of what news or what topic they deliver to us.

Removing fear

It’s important that they do not feel afraid to speak or afraid to tell the truth. And we help them by being active and sensitive listeners with minimal interference. We serve them by joining in on their conversation we help them regulate their emotions by giving them the opportunity to experience.

Our role is not to take away any pain or hurt. Our role is to nurture and to support and be present. Just like as adults when we have something to express and we’re speaking to a friend mostly their role is to listen as we experience our own journey of emotions you’ll find if your children are experience a heightened emotional arousal this will diminish once you give them that opportunity to express and to run through that process because it is a process. PARENTING TIP: BEING PRESENT

Our role

It is not under your command that you say stop crying or stop feeling angry. That is not what they need to hear and that is not what is helpful. So we need to be there to assist our children to find their place of calm or to at least return to a place of calm.

The brain of a child is mostly secure as it develops in positive ways. And it’s up to us to help them with this opportunity.

So I hope you found this short tip useful. And may I encourage you to go away and practice this by being mindful of your own responses and being aware of your role as you engage in conversations and in listening with your own children and with others.

You’ve been listening to Amanda Dounis from the Positive Thinking Clinic. PARENTING TIP: BEING PRESENT.

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