CREATING DELIBERATE THOUGHTS FOR WELLNESS: So what becomes important about thoughts?

Most of the time people say what stops me is this feeling that I have in my stomach. And I like to say to them what were you thinking at the time that you had that feeling? Quite often the answer is… Well I can’t remember. Creating deliberate thoughts for wellness is key.

And so when I have clients coming into my clinic who say to me I feel like this, and I felt like that, and my body had symptoms, and I trembled, and I shook, and I had butterflies in my stomach, I always say to them, okay great description but can you remember what you were thinking at that time?


Quite often they say no I have no idea what I was thinking and I have no idea what thoughts triggered it. That’s when I decided to explain to them: when we are in a state of emotional arousal it becomes very difficult to think logically and to pull out reasoning skills.

And so it’s not always the best idea to try and be logical when you’re so emotionally aroused. It becomes quite a struggle. CREATING DELIBERATE THOUGHTS FOR WELLNESS becomes important.


Honestly, for myself, if ever I’ve been emotionally aroused I have sometimes turned to a friend and said ‘an you please make this decision for me because I cannot think clearly’. This is evidence enough for me to know that you cannot think clearly if you are in a state of arousal whether it be stress, panic, extreme grief, even extreme excitement.

So you wait for your emotions to subside and then you have more of an opportunity to think logically.

Now going back to the clients who come into the clinic who say ‘I cannot remember what or what I was thinking or what my thoughts were immediately before or during my state of panic or extreme overwhelm’, I give them handouts so that they can document and record thoughts, moods, feelings, emotions, and anything else that may be relevant and they carry this around with them. Remember CREATING DELIBERATE THOUGHTS FOR WELLNESS can be your new habit.


And of course they can use whatever method suits. Then they can write it out on their mobile phone or they can hand write it on a piece of paper that they carry with them. But it is very important to actually do this exercise. It gives us vital information afterwards when we are analyzing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, because at the end of the day this is the problem isn’t it. Thoughts, feelings and behaviors. And so I like to say that is also the solution. Thoughts feelings, and behaviors. 

It’s very amazing to discover later that there were all these thoughts going on and more, that were not documented immediately before and even during emotional state of arousal.

Now some people have said ‘but I can’t help it I can’t take these thoughts out of my head.’ I went for a run this morning and I know that I have a typical set of thoughts that I often run with. CREATING DELIBERATE THOUGHTS FOR WELLNESS,


There is nothing unpleasant about them but every so often something sad or unpleasant does sneak in. And I thought to myself ‘what advice would I give somebody who is experiencing this?’ And I say to them, what do you try and do with the thoughts that trigger negative emotional states?

Quite often people say they try and get rid of the thoughts. I’m going to suggest, instead of trying to get rid of thoughts and being afraid of thoughts, this is an indication that we don’t have control over our thoughts and they are in charge of when they walk in and out of our minds.


I don’t like this so I’m going to suggest, change your mindset and to change your attitude to believing we are in charge of the thoughts that we put in. If we happen to be unconsciously or automatically thinking and negative thoughts take charge, and thus decide I’m going to decide to think of something positive or neutral or creative or imaginative or anything else to show I’m in charge of the thoughts that sit and remain in my head. Now I don’t think people have thought of it like this.

I think most people have thought they are victims of their own mind. And I agree in some way or another. We can be, except when we’re not so take the thought away with you today. That we can be in charge of the thoughts that entertain us. CREATING DELIBERATE THOUGHTS FOR WELLNESS

Now if you need to deliberately place thoughts to change the wiring of your brain then do it and do it every day and practice this. And then soon enough your brain will enjoy this and start doing it automatically.

Good luck and have happy thoughts.

Amanda Dounis

Positive Thinking Clinic

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