Positive Thinking Clinic can help you STOP PROCRASTINATING: GET MOVING

You just need a plan.

Whether you are an adult or child, you can fall into the procrastination trap.  STOP PROCRASTINATING: GET MOVING

Using counselling techniques and hypnotherapy you can STOP PROCRASTINATING: GET MOVING

Following are some of the strategies that I use in my sessions.

  • Notice what it is that you are procrastinating about and identify with it.  In fact announce it to yourself.  Most of the time you pretend it’s not there.  Be aware.
  • Decide what’s the worst part of the task and plan to get that done fast
  • Do some of it, even if its just 5 minutes worth
  • Break up your task into lots of bits and pieces. Pick one to do, even the smallest piece.
  • Break it down: you might think its a huge task, but it’s made up of lots of litle steps, so write out all the steps involved.  Now you have a whole bunch of small tasks.
  • Use a timer for a plan: set your phone for 10 minutes and see how much you get done. You can choose after that if you want to do some more, but you must first just do the 10 min plan.  It’s just ten min.
  • Challenge your mind. Divid a paper in two and one one side write what’s good about procrastinating and on the other side write what’s not good about it.  This will be interesting.  Go on and argue with yourself.
  • Remember the reward system? It can work if you let it. So reward yourself for getting a move on and doing your task.  Be reasonable with your rewards.  Be realistic.
  • Reach out. Sometimes all you need is a little help. So ask for it.
  • Look at your schedule and plan your tasks according to times that you are refreshed, alert, available and more…
  • Notice your habits. Break unhelpful patterns. Break them fast, especially as soon as you catch yourself doing it.
  • Create a priority list or number things in order of priority so that you are on track and not just doing what you ‘feel’ like.
  • Time management: have a schedule. Document your study, your work, your “me” time, exercise, social, etc.  This way you can be realistic when planning.  Yes plan for fun too.
  • Always look at what can get in your way and beat it.  If something will distract you then plan to avoid it or to overcome it.
  • Create reminders. Set phone alarm, write post it notes etc.
Giant check list. Young businesswoman with big list of things to be checked, items required, things to be done, office schedule reminder.
  • Firstly keep a record of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Secondly, when you do this you notice what thoughts are there when you avoid things, and you get you become more self aware. Remember to be kind to yourself.
  • Use positive talk.  If you are not use to it, start practicing.  You will use it all your life so that you can be kind to yourself and not of all encourage yourself.
  • What s a plan without goals? So plan to get your task done. Break it into goals.
  • Get to know your thoughts. Become a detective and notice the unhelpful ones. Guide yourself into more helpful ones.
  • Be resilient. Be persistent. And be patient. How? Practice this way of being. How? In other words, pretend – fake it till you make it.  Stop wishing and start rehearsing.


These tips and tricks are simple, its not rocket science. 

Remember to look after your wellness and happiness

Knowing its this simple maybe now you can just do it.

Procrastinating is actually harder. STOP PROCRASTINATING: GET MOVING

If you need help, reach out.

If you feel stressed, reach out.

Amanda Dounis

Positive Thinking Clinic

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