Emotional Intelligence and Happiness




You have most likely heard the term emotional intelligence. Which has been described as the ability to monitor one’s own and other peoples emotions. I always hear of people in search of happiness. Is this emotion not in reach should we choose? Is it a choice? Can we choose it? Emotional intelligence and choosing happiness is possible. If we navigate through our emotions we can choose happiness.To discriminate between different emotions and to label them appropriately and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior.


Areas of emotional intelligence and choosing happiness include self-awareness, social awareness, self management, and relationship management. 


You can build skills to notice them within yourself within others as you develop your emotional intelligence and you can build into your life experience with the use of your focus skills more opportunities for you to experience them. And you can build skills to support yourself to choose your emotional response and choose your emotional state from moment to moment. Emotional intelligence and choosing happiness is always a possibility.


So how can you learn to choose the emotional states that you want to experience more often. You can use your body language to enhance or change your emotional state toward the positive. Emotional intelligence and choosing happiness is always a possibility.

In just seconds you can take a few deep cleansing breaths. Get up and move around, preferably in the sunshine outdoors, even for a minute.


Visualization is an incredible tool that is available to all of us and it is a powerful and empowering technique. Emotional intelligence and choosing happiness is always a great visualization that you can personalise.

When we create a visualization around the outcome that we most want we get to help ourselves form a firm belief that the outcome is possible for us and we can more easily identify the steps that we need to take from here to the achievement of that outcome. 


Mental rehearsal helps us step through a situation in our mind and it is such a powerful tool. Especially when you turn up this sounds and the colors and the positive feelings attached to the positive outcome that you are visualizing. You have purpose. Emotional intelligence and choosing happiness is always a possibility.


Visualization of a future or past event can also assist us in choosing an emotional stage that we want to experience. At any given moment. Did you know that we can generate a desired emotional state? We have the capacity and the choice to generate an emotional state that we want to feel more often.


We don’t realize that we are regularly generating emotional states within ourselves within our thoughts within our visualizations and with our focus and our physiology. When we ruminate over our disappointing or sad event of the past we are feeling sad in the present moment when we are worrying about a future event and playing out this event in our mind in unpleasant ways.  We are generating a feeling of worry or anxiousness now. So remember you have the capacity and the choice to generate an emotional state that you want to feel more often.


Whether positive or negative, it is essential for a full life experience. And we can determine what feels good and what doesn’t feel good and we can acknowledge our emotions whether they are good or not. We can learn to recognize them understand them and most importantly accept them.


Then we are building on our self-awareness and we can begin to link our emotions to our self talk and to our focus and body language.


Most people when asked what they want in life answer with something like I just want to be happy and at the same time many of us get caught in a cycle of oh be happy when blah blah blah. Or I’ll be happy when when I lose weight when I get a new job when I make more money when I find a partner.

When when when have you ever noticed that when we have and I’ll be happy when I go then even when we fulfil the goal and we get the job. Or lose the weight the feelings of unending happiness don’t seem to arrive if we always place happiness into the future we will never get to it.


Choose to appreciate that you are here you are alive and you have moments to live remaining in your life. Emotional intelligence and choosing happiness is always a possibility.


If happiness is available to us right now we must find ways to embrace what we have and enjoy it so that we can experience these feelings that we want to feel more often. So how can you learn to experience more happiness in the present moment. Emotional intelligence and choosing happiness is always a possibility.

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