Hi Amanda Dounis is here from the positive thinking clinic. I’d like to share a success story every now and again. And the particular success story that I wish to speak about today is where an individual contacted me. Not knowing if I was the right therapist or not. And this is quite common.

The prime concern was this individual was confused about certain specific issues within his relationship. Now I don’t need to go into these specific issues – number one privacy. Number two they’re actually not as relevant as the punchline.


So basically the individual asked me if I had certain experience dealing with clients with this particular issue or issues. And the truth was I hadn’t but I did have clients with similar issues. And so the individual was under the impression that I myself as a therapist needed to have undergone similar life experiences. Or similar relationship stresses and concerns for me to be able to assist him but this isn’t true at all.

We have a certain amount of experience and education and we follow certain protocols and models and we assist individuals to create a self discovery. It’s not that we as therapists solve your problems. The best therapists in my view are those who assist you to solve your own issues.


So then you experience a sense of empowerment and self fulfillment. So this particular individual decided to make an initial first session with me. And whilst the first initial bits of contact with, via email, the most communication was revolving about the issue in the relationship. That was giving him such confusion. And making him so emotional about it And that meant it was affecting his thoughts and his stress and his daily living and his work.

And so when he came in he also then expressed a great severe level of anxiety. Which he actually said in that first session.

This is my biggest problem. The way I feel all day constantly and I have that thought about the relationship that’s hanging over my head. So we did not touch on anything about the previous email communications that we had had in regards to the confusion. And what was baffling him about relationships what we did is we worked on anxiety immediately.


He mentioned after the hypnosis session that… I’m not sure how I feel. And then within about a minute or two he said to me it’s a strange thing that’s occurred. And he said as soon as I opened my eyes I wasn’t sure how I feel but now I’m noticing that a lot of my anxiety is just gone self a great good sign.

I allowed him to sit and have feedback communication with me after the session and then he booked him for another session the following week. And this is why it’s a success story. Because the next session one week later when I asked what’s changed, he actually said my anxiety has decreased so much. Self discovery via lowering anxiety.

It’s still there he said. But I’m feeling a little bit more comfortable and I’m able to answer some of my own questions about my own relationship. Like I said this is the part that is the success story because he’s starting now to resolve things on his own. What do you required was a decrease in anxiety because when we’re so emotionally aroused with anxiety the logical mind just can’t be logical at that particular time.


So doing something whether it’s exercise or mindfulness. Or or something therapeutic for the individual to decrease the emotional arousal on. In his case anxiety. He was then able to feel more comfortable to handle some of his concern with relationships. So we did another session a different but similar session on anxiety and again he just couldn’t believe how well he was responding now on session 3. 

And he did say even though I feel this good I’m going to commit to the 4-6 sessions. This is what we originally discussed because it’s not that you’ve got to walk out of here or out of your therapy session feeling good, you’ve actually got to be out there in your normal environment ‘doing’ good. That’s when you know that….Okay I can do this on my own. And he gets to take away all the audio recordings so that he can listen to and he did it. He did that and he said each time he listens to this recording he was somehow discovering something new again. So it’s not like he’s listening to the same thing and it’s not like he’s processing the same thing each time he listens to the audio.

This is key because it’s like your knocking down part of a brick wall and discovering different bricks. He was discovering different solutions. And in the end he was able to manage his anxiety. It was extremely low and he was really enjoying still keeping a little bit of anxiety. This was no longer a problem for him.


I guess it’s okay to have some level of anxiety. Or I guess that when you’re so used to spending your waking hours with such a high level of anxiety. To know that you were able to reduce it. So significantly it’s a real success story. In the end he now is confident with what was once a confusing issue for him. In regards to his relationship.

So doing a number of sessions on anxiety helped him find the answers to his issues. And so I encourage everybody who is feeling that they are emotionally locked. Or even emotionally triggered by some form of emotion. To do what they feel can help them decrease this level of emotion. Because then they can start thinking more clearly. About what they need to do and what they need to change in their lives.

You’ve been listening to Amanda Dounis from the positive thinking clinic.

END OF TRANSCRIPT – self discovery via lowering anxiety

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It is important to know that resources are available. if you are experiencing anxiety , and exploring other websites. Such as mindaustralia, and headspace.  

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