Speak the way you want to live




When you develop your skills to choose the words that you communicate to yourself and to others you can choose words that shape your thoughts actions and experience in positive ways. So speak the way you wish to live.


And just doing this, you can dramatically improve your life. The suggestion here is that the words we use to describe our experience tends to become our experience literally.  Well a large part of our mind really believes this, so why not use it to our advantage?  Whats our advantage?  For wellness and a positive outlook, and even a better relationship with our past.  So speak the way you wish to live. Choosing our words greatly shapes our thoughts and our experiences /relationships.  Wouldn’t you agree this has happened much of the time for you, and for others?


Speak the way you wish to live. We use words to represent to ourselves and others what our experience of life is. Our words are largely influenced by our beliefs, our background, culture, and past experiences. A great influence also is the stories that we have decided to tell about our lives and the world around us. Key word here is ‘stories’.

Remember your body talks too. There is power in self talk.

THE IMPACT OF WORDS: speak the way you wish to live

Words can have a great impact. We can’t say the word hate for instance without having an emotional charged attached to it.  It just does not suit the physiology of a smile, to speak the words of hatred (unless with sarcasm or similar intention). So speak the way you wish to live.

speak the way you wish to live
speak the way you wish to live: water your thoughts


We can’t say love without another type of charge. If we continually use words that focus on lack, pain, disappointment, despair, sadness, and anger, then that is how we will continue to experience our world.  Put simply, you have heard yourself or at least one person be negative.  It’s the language they are using.  Negative words.  Creating negative stories. Do what you need for wellness.


Similarly if we describe our world as plain, boring and monotonous, then that is how we will experience it.  I’m a runner.  I often announce my running agenda.  Do I say it with a horrifying expression on my face or resentment?  No, I say it with a smile and with the complimentary emotion of joy.  Trust me though, there are many parts of my run that are painful and challenging, but I don’t let that count. So speak the way you wish to live. You have purpose,

WORDS LEAD TO OPPORTUNITIES: speak the way you wish to live

People with a negative vocabulary, experience less than satisfying moments. People with rich and creative vocabularies experience more choices and more variety in their lives. Just give it a practice and you will see for yourself.  You will notice many new opportunities.

So how will you learn to choose or change your language? 

Think of as many emotions you can remember experiencing over the few days. Consider what words you used for these emotions, were most of them negative, neutral or positive? Did you have a variety of emotions? You know if we continuously describe our world as colourful, fun, exciting, fascinating, abundant, and loving then we can experience that kind of world when it comes to emotions. 


This concept is so true.  When I have spent years in early childhood settings, I have enjoyed creating positive worlds for the children, just by the words and stories that I describe.  Children love to believe and they follow your words.  So choose wisely.  Kids are not critical, that’s the advantage they have.  We adults get busy with critical minds.  But push that to the side so you can enjoy creating beautiful moments.

Words can carry a large amount of intensity which can strongly enhance physical or emotional states in either helpful or non supportive ways.  So speak the way you wish to live. Be aware, and use correctly.

when you are confused, just speak the way you wish to live


Consider, if furious became annoyed, or the word devastated became the word disappointed, or miserable became flat. This lowers the intensity doesn’t it. And this can have an influence of outcome for our mind and our body and our relationships as well. I’m going to suggest to you start telling the story of your life the way that you want it to be and then see what happens.  Be creative.

To help you choose or change your language, tell it the way you actually want it to be. From now on you can remove the words stop and don’t.  Remove them from your vocabulary. Then you must turn the language around from the negative to the positive.  Remember the inner mind does not like negative words.

USE POSITIVE LANGUAGE: speak the way you wish to live

Always describe in the positive and when you stuff up, repeat the sentence, how you want it. For example if you want to say stop talking to someone you may as well say to them please remain quiet. If you want to say; don’t forget, then this should become ‘remember’. This is another great one for children, instead of saying don’t run around the pool you can say please walk around the pool. 


Lots of people connect with each other through stories of dim and disappointment. They repeat these stories to anyone or everyone who will listen and they tell the stories over and over again.  Sounds a little unhealthy doesn’t it.  Now I’m all for respecting everyone has a story.  But to ruminate over it can lead to an unhealthy pattern. It’s all about how you see things.

Speak the way you wish to live and open the doors to your new language

SAY IT HOW YOU WANT IT: speak the way you wish to live

We all know someone like that and we can find ourselves competing to see who has the worst story so try this one. Make the choice to stop giving language and energy to your troubles. Tell the story once or twice to people who can help you move forward or find solutions and give up telling the story of what you don’t want in your life. So speak the way you wish to live.


You can give yourself an amount of time where you will think or talk to others about the situation (you deserve this) then simply stop the story totally. 

If there are things in your life that are how you want them to be, talk about them more see what happens. Look at yourself with potential.

Hypnotherapy can help you make changes so that you can speak the way you wish to live.

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