You are in charge of the way you perceive things. Its all about how you see things. If each day is a new day, why do some people bring yesterdays rubbish into the new day?  Even if you think you have failed at something, this too is a perception.  Your perception!  Think about it, you may think you failed at something while I think it was not as bad as you think.  So what’s that?  Two perceptions.  Oh, so perhaps we can agree that we can change the way we think about some things, yes?

Let’s consider, there are many ways you can view things.  If you change the way you see things, then you can see other changes take place.  This can lead to a better day, better outcome, better tomorrow, and so on.  

The benefit of Mistakes

Some clients (children and adults) worry about mistakes, making mistakes.  I’m going to say that mistakes are wonderful opportunities to interact with your own feedback.  Are they not?  Watch a young child make a mistake, and even if they repeat the same error, you will soon witness what they have learned from making that mistake.  So go ahead, make some mistakes.

Learn from them, and get comfortable with them (within safe boundaries of course).  If you are afraid of trying because you may make a mistake, you may develop an unreasonable perception of fear which may affect your day to day living.  Live and explore.  Watch your mistakes turn into accomplishments.

power of choice. it's all about how you see things
It’s all about how you see things

On Positivity

Are you the type of person who only looks at negatives?  If you wish to change this about you, how about you start with discovering what you can be thankful for?  Use your habit of negativity to practice being positive.  Many lessons can be taught this way.  Widen your perspective of things and become more flexible.  Invite positivity into your world.

Hypnotherapy can help with using the power of perception.

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