Do you want to start losing weight right now?  Tried many diets?  Ever tried HYPNOBAND – a virtual guided imagery of a gastric band?  Its work for others, why wouldn’t it work for you?


A new you starts here with the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System.  It is revolutionary and new for those who have a high Body Mass Index.  

As a licensed practitioner pastedGraphic.pngI can help you lose that excess weight and keep it off.  

It is important that you are in good health (I will need to conduct a health assessment on you during the initial consultation) and you must be totally committed.  It is also recommended that the participant has a BMI of 30 or more.

Participating in this hypnoband program and being totally committed can change your life.  

The program is as follows:

Initial consultation: Education and Assessment

Session 1: Behaviour Change

Session 2: Pre-op

Session 3: “Hypno” Surgery

Session 4: Adjustment or reinforcement

Over the 4 sessions I will take you through a process of having a gastric band fitted, but only in your mind.

By using suggestion and visualisation your mind will be convinced that your stomach has become smaller and that you need less food. 

I use hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, cognitive behaviour techniques (and some other smart tools), but it is the commitment of the client which determines the ultimate success.

Please feel free to contact me for any more information or to make an appointment to come and see me.       

I have noticed that many people try all sorts of diets and weight loss techniques.  I believe that anything works, but for how long?  Why is it that most people put their weight back on.  Why is there an end date to a “diet”?  It is true to say that most of us definitely know how to overeat?  Do we eat mindlessly?  So we eat when we are already full?

Now imagine the freedom to enjoy life while still eating smaller portions.  

Do you think you will enjoy life less if you eat less?

Perhaps there is some changing that needs to take place in the way you think and in your habits.

If you think hypnoband is right for you, then please feel free to contact me.

I aim for success.  I offer support between sessions and offer extra sessions of psychoeducation or focused visualisations free of charge.  Why?  Because I want my clients to succeed at their weight loss goal.  People who participate in hypnobanding do so at a committed expense.  Let this be your last expense to weightless once and for all.

As support free of charge, I offer:

  • Audio support between sessions
  • Audio books to listen to (containing NLP techniques and visualisation)
  • Audio books to listen to for psycho education
  • Books for borrowing
  • Guided visualisations for anxiety release, identifying and transforming habits, 
  • Menu planning and recipes
  • Self hypnosis using closed fist technique,
  • And more…


I truly enjoy making such a difference to peoples lives.

Imagine being 10, 20 or even 30 kg less in the near future.  Visualise this moment of achievement and do something about it today.

My hypnoband package is as follows:

Initial consultation $180

Sessions 1-4            $1000 ($250 per session)

Extra support sessions anywhere between 1 – 5 sessions as needed FREE OF CHARGE

Let this be your last investment in losing weight once and for all.  

Its up to you

Im here to help

Good Luck with your decision 

Amanda Dounis

Hypnoband Practitioner