What’s in a belief? When we talk about beliefs, we are referring to beliefs that we hold about ourselves, about others and the world around us. Personal beliefs offer us a sense of certainty. This blog is not about  religious beliefs though. 

Truths: what’s in a belief?

We define beliefs as a principle accepted as true or real.  Beliefs often require no proof, but may come about from perhaps an opinion or conviction. They have quite an impact though.

Most people rarely question their beliefs because they believe they can’t be changed. What’s in a belief? Of course they can be changed.  We were not born with belief.  They are not embedded in our genetic coding.

Your opinion of yourself

The most important opinion you will ever hold is the one that you hold about yourself – so give yourself a good one!  Think about it now.  If you need to make some changes to the wording you use, then do so.  

Beliefs and behaviours: what’s in a belief?

Some think that we should all hold the same beliefs. Because all our thoughts behaviors and actions are directly linked to our beliefs. They have the power to inspire us, damage or destroy us. Hence questioning the nature of our beliefs. We need to see them as movable, flexible and changeable.  Always know you are in charge.  If you need to make changes, do so.  We are often bound by influence.  Sometimes not the right influence.

Early childhood

Beliefs are formed in our childhood and influenced by a range of events and the significant people around us such as parents, siblings, other family members, teachers, peer groups, the media and the culture that surrounds us. 

What fed your beliefs when you were young

Think back to when you were young. Visualise your influences at the time.  The sports and extra curricular activities you engaged in or watched, helped you form beliefs.  The TV shows you watched also helped shape your beliefs.  So did the radio that you listened to.

Adult influence

Do you remember a time when an adult spoke down at you? How did you respond to that. Did it take your voice and you found it difficult speaking up? You may even have told yourself that you were not good enough perhaps. Or not clever enough. This type of inner self talk becomes a belief that you then apply to future situations.  Do you see where I am heading? What’s in a belief?

Installing negative beliefs

Perhaps next time you would avoid the situation or have a totally different response. Consider, if you were told as a child that you are clumsy you will remember the word ‘clumsy’ every single time you dropped something. Clumsiness becomes a focus and thereby a self-fulfilling prophecy of yours.  You then may even teach others that you are ‘clumsy’.  And the pattern lives on.

Positive and affirming beliefs

On the positive side however, there may have been a positive affirming belief and attitude that teachers, parents and the adults in your life might have taught you…Beliefs…That formed the foundation of a strong positive self concept that has helped create successful outcomes for you in your life. This is a nice thought and possibility isn’t it?  Keep it in mind also for the young ones that you influence.  Now we can see what’s in a belief.

Your opinion matters

So I say with confidence, the most important opinion a person will ever hold is the one that they hold about themselves.

Hypnotherapy and beliefs

What is your belief about yourself?  Do you hold a belief that you need to change, one that is holding you back? Hypnotherapy can be useful when you need help with the way your beliefs influence the way that you live.

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