Dear Amanda, “Jonny”

Congratulations on realising your dream. I am truly moved by your choice to create a healing centre where others can experience your positive influence.

As long as I remember us, I recall 2 teenagers, aged no more than 15, trawling through psychology related books to learn about human nature in our local TAFE. What I learnt then about body language and basic psychology, still remains with me all these decades on. Clearly, you have remained a life learner in this space.

As I read your blogs last night, it was as if you were speaking to me, in your deliberate, controlled, calm and conscise manner. Your precision in your communication is always right on point.

I often reflect on how you reached out to me in 2003 when you heard I had returned home from my overseas stint.

Separated from my husband, the only long term relationship I had ever experienced that began in my mid teens. I found myself lost, an empty vessel with no direction or meaningful purpose of my own.

You stood by my side as I rose ever so slowly both physically and emotionally from the ruins that were left of me. Although my suffering was not overt to the world, you knew my light and you gently reminded me of who I was.

Amanda, your presence inspired me- in every sense of the word, you ‘breathed life back into me’. I began to consider possibilities for my own life just by being in and around you and yours. I believed that I could realise a family and children of my own, one day have a home, perhaps even a business?

Thank you for supporting my new relationship as we laid the foundations in those early days. Building trust and commitment again was a very slow process for me.
Today though, it has secured my dream of creating my own family with 2 sons of my own.

I am in continuous gratitude for the direction you pointed me to move towards in business. I am grateful for all the support and encouragement you offered, always providing positive solutions for any encounter I catastrophised. I am in gratitude for believing in my potential with unwavering conviction even though I wobbled and stumbled my way through. It has afforded me financial security and freedom to live an abundant and prosperous life fulfilling on my hearts desires.

Today I reflect on my life experiences, I am grateful for the teachings and proceed along my life’s journey with evidence that I will  overcome, learn and thrive from life’s persistent challenges.

I believe you unveiled my potential and attribute my strong self belief, inner strength and enormous capacity of efficiency, to the ripple effect and influence you have on everyone you meet.

You are extraordinary!
Your presence on this planet touches, moves and inspires all whom have the privilege to meet you.

Good luck Jonny, you are exactly where you are meant to be, our world needs more of your light to shine bright so others can see!

I keep a simple quote close to me that read, “whoever is happy makes others happy!”

Keep being happy Jonny, we need more happy.

I love you, I am grateful our paths crossed again, I often think about you and I smile, our memories etched in my mind for life.

I cried when I read your story about ‘Douni’, I’m sorry for that terrible heart breaking experience. Sending you Huge energetic hug, until I smother you with a real big one.

You asked for a sentence, the delay in giving you something came because my experience of knowing you extends beyond one or two sentences. This is the most abridged version that flowed from me this morning.

Please use any or all of it as you wish.

All my love