Say to yourself I am where I am, I am who I am. What happened in the past happened. Reality is acceptance.

This step is so important because despite everything, you will continue to learn as you build your self awareness.  Let the past be where it belongs…in the past. Reality is acceptance.

ACCEPT YOURSELF: reality is acceptance

You simply must accept who you are and where you are in your life (and in your career,  relationships, financial situation, or your health, or whatever, so that you can begin to move forward in life. 


The present moment is what it is right now. And the past was what it was.  It’s also your interpretation of what it was. The past has happened. Events you didn’t like, or aren’t proud of, or wish happened differently. Or what they are and what they once were. Remember that someone else can tell the past that they shared with you, differently.  This does not mean they are not telling the truth, it means it’s their interpretation and thus, their truth.


Unless we learn how to accept, forgive or let go, we will never have the potential to move forward in our lives. Reality is acceptance. Moving forward is the desired direction.  And must be done healthily. We must move toward true feelings of higher contentment, peace, acceptance  or self-love.  This can lead to long lasting peace.


Beware of what weighs you down. You can be trapped or weighed down by regrets, resentments, pain and sorrow. Mindfulness and it’s organic qualities are a major ingredient to a fulfilling life. To be able to experience the present moment, and accept it without judgment is the goal. This is best done without questioning if it’s good or bad, right or wrong. 

BEING STUCK: reality is acceptance

If you are stuck thinking about the past you are experiencing those emotions in the present. Let me say this again but differently.  If you are worried about something that happened 10 years ago, you are bringing it back to the present moment and suffering. Reality is acceptance.


Similarly, if you are constantly worrying about the future you are also experiencing that in the present moment too. This costs you emotional energy. And so acceptance is a major ingredient necessary for comfort and relief.


We are all human beings capable of making mistakes. In fact let’s say we are built to make mistakes. I love mistakes. Mistakes are essential to a rich and fulfilling life experience, as we learn from them. Don’t be fooled into thinking we are supposed to know everything or get everything right. Or that other people are supposed to be perfect.  Trust me, you will be disappointed if you think this way.  And further, you will get stuck! Unable to move forward.


If we wanted to we could consume ourselves being stuck and blaming others, and constantly questioning why! Careful not to judge yourself or others. Let go of why, how could she, why did it,  he should have,…..why did they, how could they do that to me, etc. I’m sure you could add to this list.


This kind of internal talk has no way of really supporting us to move forward and can become a recurring and vicious circle of ruminating blame. Then, before you know it you are stuck going round and round, unable to move away from the thoughts and the dialogue. 

LET GO: reality is acceptance

Even though you may want to move forward with your life, in order to be free to live the life of freedom and acceptance, we must learn how to let go.  Thats right, let go.

This can include the concept to let go of blame and judgment.  Let go of criticism and expectations. Let go of the constant images and emotional attachments.


When we learn to forgive, mostly ourselves, yes ourselves, we begin to free up our potential and possible future. Reality is acceptance.


Always remember that regret, blame and guilt are in the past. 

Worry and anxiety are in the future.

Love and peace are in the present.

Accept the circumstances. Be free.

ACCEPTANCE: reality is acceptance

Accept your past decisions and the decisions and actions of others. You can’t change what has happened. Facts remain facts. Events belong on your timeline.

You were doing the best you could at the time. With where you were, and the resources you had.


The same goes for others.  They too may only have limited resources at any given time.  How quick we are to blame our parents, without thinking that they did the best they knew at any given time. 

Reality is acceptance. It is what it is. It was what it was and I am where I am. 


Ask yourself where you are at now, and where you want to be to enrich yourself.  And take measures to do that. Hypnosis is an avenue for such a pathway.  It is natural and very relaxing. 

Take care.

Amanda Dounis

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