strategies for behaviour change


OPERATING WITH STRATEGIES: Do you know how to use strategies?

We all have strategies for the way we operate.  The way we  are communicating, making decisions, learning, forgetting, relaxing, selling, buying, influencing, deciding, overwhelm, procrastination, love, parenting, socialising, teaching, motivation, tension, sadness, excitement, and just about everything else we do from cleaning our teeth to having a disagreement with our friends or family. Do you know how to use strategies?

STRATEGEIS CHANGE: Do you know how to use strategies?

Have you ever identified strategies that you can adopt so that you can make personal improvements. Improvements to your wellness?  To the way you live your life? We all run strategies every day, many of which we are unaware of. Do you know how to use strategies? Our strategies also change (whether consciously or unconsciously). And these strategies can either work to support and serve us, or they can work against us, thus preventing us from having a good day. 


So basically, our strategy is a certain set of things we do, say, or think. The picture in our minds – assisted by our amazing imagination helps form our strategies.  Our strategies are a product of the way we feel, and how we behave in order to do certain activities.

Think of at least one situation or occasion where you haven’t handled pressure very well. How long ago was it? Have a think about when you are really pushed and under pressure, what does your typical behavioural response look like?  How do you do experience stress within your body?  Do you know how to use strategies?


Think of your actions and behaviours. In other words what happens in your body? What do you say to yourself in your mind? What actions do you take? Your mouth may go dry. There may be an increase in your heart rate. Your chest could be tight. Perhaps you may notice a change in temperature. You may perspire.

Your head, jaw and your temples could feel tight, or painful. You might lose control and scream, or you might break things. There may be discomfort in your digestive system (e.g. throw up or feel sick). You may be furious, or panic or be unable to move. Have a think about what best describes your response. Ask yourself what you would like to change.  

CHANGE IS INEVITABLE: Do you know how to use strategies?

Many times we want to make changes to strategies as we notice they are not working in our favour.  But lets be honest, some of our ‘ways’ are difficult to modify.  They have become automatic, almost unconscious.  However this does not mean you can’t change.  We change all the time.  Change is inevitable. Sometimes with intention and sometimes not.  Me personally, I love change.  Change means progress.  Change is necessary. 

To accept ourselves, for how we are, then we must accept ourselves as a whole.  Accept the good and the bad.  No one is perfect.


Decide if your stress strategy is working for you or against you.  If you feel you need help dealing with stress, pressure or a change in strategies you may consider using hypnosis.

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