Its so easy to teach kids mindfulness skills.  

They love to play, so lets play and learn mindful skills.

Kids from ages 4 and up really enjoy learning how to:

  • Calm their mind and body
  • Pay attention
  • Become more self aware
  • Feel happier and confident
  • Connect with others
  • Have fun

After individual, small group, or during my workshops, the kids take these skills away and become more confident and equipped.

Games include:

  1. Going Within
  2. Being Mindful
  3. Peace Talk

As kids try each skill they are asked to think about what it feels like to do it.  

Then they figure out when they could use that skill in real life, and how it may help them feel calmer, less stressed, happier, more focused, self-aware, confident and friendly.

In sessions we use:

  • Mindful breathing and awareness
  • Mindful feeling, kindness and gratitude
  • Mindful senses
  • Mindful affirmations for self-esteem

This is a very fun activity, and kids don’t even realise they are filling up their own mental tool kit…building on their own resources.

I really suggest parents and carers ask their kids lots of questions about the activities they learned during our session as this helps to reinforce learning.


Can you breathe?

Do you know how to breathe?

How did you learn?

Do you have to think about breathing?

Can you pay attention to your breath now?

This is an example of a mindful breathing and awareness activity

Stop and listen?


Listen to the sounds in the room.

What can you hear?

This is an example of a mindful senses activity

I feel good about myself

Name 3 reasons you feel good about yourself.

Read each one out loud (fill in the blank):

  1. I feel good about myself because _________________________
  2. I feel good about myself because _________________________
  3. I feel good about myself because _________________________

This is an example of a mindful affirmations for self-esteem activity

Kind wishes

Send a kind wish to yourself

One to a good friend

One to someone you don’t know

One to someone who is difficult

This is an example of a mindful feeling, kindness and gratitude activity