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Most medical treatment effects are maximised with the help of Professional Psychotherapy (e.g., Counselling and /or Hypnotherapy).  In this situation, the aim is to be relaxed and in a condition where you will be able to follow doctors instructions.  Hence it is important for Positive Thinking Clinic to collaborate with other professionals when necessary.

You may be seeing other professionals who may recommend Counselling or Hypnosis to complement your treatment plan.  This is when Positive Thinking Clinic can collaborate with other professionals to assist you in the best way possible.  In this case, your consent ensures honest and open communication, and exchange of information to ensure therapy is delivered according to your needs and realistic outcomes.

Panic and extreme feelings of un-ease is one area where Positive Thinking Clinic works on to assist you to cope as best as you can. Panic may present itself during accidents and serious medical conditions.  Other medical conditions such as bulimia, migraine, and impotency can also find self-hypnosis useful.  Please note, at all times individuals should consult their doctors and remain in the care of their primary and referred medical doctor. Counselling – hypnotherapy – psychotherapy – life coaching assist greatly in the process of stress relief, adjustments in mindset /thought process, feeling /emotional regulation and behaviour modifications.  For this reason, counselling – hypnotherapy – psychotherapy – life coaching can become extremely useful part of the process.  Consider it part of a useful team.

Counselling – hypnotherapy – psychotherapy – life coaching can significantly reduce the “suffering” component of pain.  This is possible even when there has been a significant trauma to your body. Traumas may also consist of operations or accidents.

You can experience less pain and greater mobility.  Sometimes you will need to let go of the anger, sadness, or sense of injustice.  These just keep “suffering” alive. Your aim is to feel at ease again.

Perhaps you may prefer to receive therapy in order to help you prepare (and best cope /deal) with an upcoming operation.  Skills to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation may be delivered during therapy.  Similarly, visualising a pain free and speedy recovery (accompanied by Doctor’s /Surgeon’s instructions) may aid healing.  This may place you in a healthier state of mind.  In summary collaborating with other professionals leads to a wellness partnership with individuals.

Amanda offers services both Face to Face in Clinic, as well as Distance Professional Services (also known as Telehealth, Teletherapy, E-Counselling, E-Therapy, Online Counselling, and Online Therapy, and Online Conferencing).