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If you need to improve your focus, therapy can help channel your attention where it’s needed.  The body can do what the mind tells it to.  Actions are limited to what the mind believes in.  Amanda will be able to teach you to focus, set your goals and develop tools to access them.

It is not you or your lack of ability to perform or to study effectively, or that you just cannot do it.  It is a mindset, a belief and behavioural pattern that needs improvement.  Amanda can help develop strategies and direct focus of attention productively.

Sports performance.  Counselling and Hypnotherapy can help sports-people build powerful theories inside their minds.  By doing this you can easily develop a sense of achieving and this will help you react with the right thing at the right moment.

Amanda’s Therapy directs individuals to:

  • Become their own mentor;
  • Concentrate and focus;
  • Memorise what they need;
  • Develop strength from previous experiences.

Imagining yourself with winning success before an event or performance is important.  By doing this, you will work hard and be confident.  Keeping your schedule strict with daily training (and good food) and bringing the motivation from inside is what you need.

One more important thing is to believe in yourself.

You can get in the Zone without even knowing that you are there.  It’s just like something unnatural that brings in positive energy and makes you do things so perfectly without any special effort.  Anything you do in this state is unlikely to go wrong.

Amanda’s Therapy assists individuals to:

  • Clear their mind from irrelevant thoughts;
  • Gain access to the deep parts of their useful mind;
  • Make their mind calm and free from frustration;
  • Gain trust within themselves and direct all efforts into specific tasks;
  • Free themselves from the pressure of time, and enter a timeless state of mind;
  • Join themselves in the zone and stay focused with the feeling of achievement.

Improve Performance in sports using Mental Imagery Techniques.  Imagination, physical training, and good food, will help improve performance.

Hypnosis is a great tool for mental rehearsal:

  • You will quickly go into the relaxing and focused state.  This is the best stage where you will start learning;
  • You will learn how to learn from yourself and how to use the knowledge you have for benefiting yourself in the future;
  • You will start picturing the process as your brain will start connecting to even the tiniest aspect of the process;
  • This technique is going to trigger performance and quality;
  • Your physical training will start to combine with all the mental efforts and it will take performance to the next level.

The mind becomes open to suggestions during therapy, and thus it becomes easier to work on self-esteem and personality development.  This is a great opportunity to overcome personal fears, as positive thinking is embedded.

When struggling with relationships, learn what you can control, and what you cannot control.  Learn limits and new ways of communicating, not just with others but with yourself too.  Work on a better “you”.  Therapy can also help you feel more secure in your current relationship.

Stop Seeking Approval.  Whilst it is important and very healthy to have good relationships and social networks in life, it is not important (or healthy) to care excessively about what others think about you.

Amanda’s Therapy aims to:

  • Create a renewed, positive sense of self;
  • Create less concern about the opinions of others, and the ability to choose which opinions to take on board (and which to not);
  • Promote living life by one’s own values (and no-one else’s);
  • Build on personal integrity.

As with any loss, losing a loved one, or a relationship break-up leads to grief and sadness.  But there comes a time when you need to get on with your life and move forward from the past.  This does not need to be accompanied by guilt.

Amanda’s therapy aims to assist individuals in:

  • Moving on;
  • Reducing bitter and painful memories;
  • Develop positive feelings towards the future.

It’s difficult to understand why people don’t leave an abusive relationship immediately (until you are in one yourself).  Abusive partners typically do not own up to their manipulative, controlling, bullying, and punishing behaviour.

Leaving an Abusive Relationship is difficult to do without help. There is hope.  If your partner has escalated to physical violence and you make excuses for it, then you must get out for your own safety.  Now is the time to create an escape plan, which should include getting your finances in order and finding a place to live.

Be sure to let other people know of your plans to leave, and have a few people close by to call on if needed. You should never try to leave when you are home alone with your abusive partner, otherwise make sure someone else is with you when you start removing your belongings.

Amanda’s Therapy aims to:

  • Improve self-esteem and develop courage;
  • Discover yourself (the true self with no abuse);
  • Remove your excuses for your partner’s abuse and acknowledge that you deserve better;
  • Begin to visualise a clear, practical plan for leaving and all the steps involved.  This includes a date;
  • Feel more optimistic about your future instead of just trying to survive each day.

Job skills.  Being a great Leader takes time and dedication.  A confident leader has the ability and emotional capacity to lead a team.  They are not afraid of making mistakes or taking responsibility for the team’s shortfalls.  They are able to assign tasks and trust others to fulfil tasks.  They also understand the importance of team work, and rarely seek individual credit for work that has been collectively done.  Amanda’s techniques aim to work on inner confidence and sharpen leadership instincts.

There are some common fears when it comes to business networking.

Amanda works with individuals to:

  • Connect on a deeper level to what they do;
  • Create feelings of confidence, control and relaxation;
  • Enjoy attending business functions.

Confidence in the workplace is essential to working life.  When you are confident around your boss, you start to enjoy the work you do and develop a healthy sense of self-respect.  Confidence through Counselling and Hypnosis helps the mind to be at ease and secure, and develop mechanisms for Public Speaking.

Amanda’s therapeutic techniques assist individuals to:

  • Feel relaxed and confident;
  • Experience the energy between themselves and the audience;
  • Set aside their personal feelings during presentations;
  • Significantly improve the way they present themselves when giving talks or speeches;
  • Look forward to future speeches and presentations.

Amanda offers services both Face to Face in Clinic, as well as Distance Professional Services (also known as Telehealth, Teletherapy, E-Counselling, E-Therapy, Online Counselling, and Online Therapy, and Online Conferencing).