My Coping Skills Handbook

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Hey kids, can you imagine being able to cope with just about anything?

This book will give you amazing possibilities to create your very own coping skills for everyday challenges.

After you read this book, you will no longer be afraid or worried about facing different challenges because you will use my amazing C.O.P.E. formula anytime you like.

Do you worry about the smallest things?

Do your relationships at school affect your happiness?

Do you feel you sometime get “stuck” in sadness and find it difficult to move away from it?

Do you get so angry sometimes that you lose control?

This is your coping skills handbook.  Don’t cop it!  Cope with it!

My Coping Skills Online Course

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This is the perfect course for your child to learn the coping skills you’ll wish you learned as a child… 

Amanda herself walks your child through interactive videos and audios to learn the skills they need to cope with everyday challenges for happier and more confident kids

Fun videos and exercises just for kids to manage anxiety and be the boss of their mind

They’ll learn confidence skills to stand tall and smile more

​Lots of ways to easily help your child let go of anger and doubt and develop coping skills for life

Click and play videos and audios to deal with pressure and stress

​They’ll learn how to activate their inner coach and super charge self-esteem

​Manage ups and downs of relationships and friendships

​Your child will benefit from Amanda’s wealth of experience

About the Author

Hi, I’m Amanda, and I specialise in kids stuff. In 1999 I opened my first early learning centre, and now I have 4.  I love that I can make an amazing contribution to kids lives in their early years.  Social and emotional wellness is my passion.

Another love of mine is my clinic which not only empowers adults towards achieving their goals, but the school kids who come in to deal with everyday common or uncommon issues.  It is these kids who have taught me what issues are important, and it is these kids who have taught me what works. So, I thank these kids for helping me write this book.  They are the village who will help raise the rest of the kids who need coping skills.