Critical Periods

Mental health

Suicidal thoughts

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Suicidal thoughts and ideations are very serious.  Lifeline 13 11 14 is Australia’s national telephone crisis support centre.  Counselling and Hypnosis may be used to treat compulsive thoughts and ideations of suicide.  Person’s diagnosed with a mental illness should be treated by appropriate professionals and follow their treatment plan as recommended.  They should be supervised by their doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist or other mental health professional.  Counselling and /or Hypnotherapy may be useful as complimentary treatments and to assist with cognitive and behavioural distortions /management.

Amanda works for Lifeline Australia and is also trained in suicide prevention.

Early childhood, primary school, teenage, and adolescent years can be rather complex and difficult to deal with.  Friendship issues, academic stress, bullying, identity issues, family issues, academic pressures, conflict, culture and diversity issues, stress, anxiety, substance abuse, and many more, may contribute to critical moments.  Safety and rights are the ultimate priority.  Keeping children and young persons safe and protecting their rights is priority.  For the success of assessment and treatment, it is important the individual wants to participate in therapy.  Techniques such as sand play and creative play activities may be used for younger children.  Other techniques revolve around inclusion, stimulation, guidance, behaviour management and cognition reframing.  Some older children may also benefit by allowing them to speak with the therapist privately.

Amanda is a Proficient Early Childhood Teacher with Counselling Majors in Parenting, Children and Adolescents.  She is Mental Health First Aid Trained for this age group, and has a current Working With Children Check Clearance.

Amanda offers services both Face to Face in Clinic, as well as Distance Professional Services (also known as Telehealth, Teletherapy, E-Counselling, E-Therapy, Online Counselling, and Online Therapy, and Online Conferencing).