I often have clients ask me to give them tips for weight management.
I believe more than likely they have come across these tips before.

So let me call them REFRESHING REMINDERS

I also want to mention that, not only with myself, but also with client feedback, small changes lead to big results. So at any moment in time, you mindset accepts your “small” sacrifice, and this keeps your ideal result “real”.

So here they are:

How and where you eat is important.
Are you the type of person who sits to enjoy their coffee, but gobbles down the meal?
Well I won’t be the first to tell you to treat it like a social experience (even if eating alone). Some people use their nice plates, and even place a vase infant of them with flowers. This suits some, and not others. But you see my point? Make time for that meal, however you choose it to be kind and valuable to you.

Drink water.
It is recommended that you drink some water to give your body what it needs (especially when you confuse hunger and thirst). Not convinced? Do it anyway. Remember what I said about small changes. Drink water.

Create a movement routine for yourself.
You don’t need to go to a gym, or jog outdoors. Do what suits you. I recently had a question about what to do when you have little ones to look after and due to unfortunate circumstances, your fitness routine gets thrown out. It happens, so when it does, let it be an opportunity to train your brain for such unexpected circumstances. Rather than being annoyed, welcome the surprise and either have the day off, or change your routine to fit in some exercise whilst at home. It’s something you need to get use to. Don’t be that person who is not flexible.

Portion control.
There is no escape from this tip. If you wish to weigh less, then I suggest you eat less. A small mindset change to consider is… use a smaller plate, physically plan what you will put on your plate, and be totally in charge of this. Remember a small change, leads to a win.

Focus on your food.
This pretty much means: be mindful. Yes mindfulness has great benefits and if you don’t know much about mindfulness I encourage you to do some research. Its quite a health benefit. You know those times where you are not aware of what you just ate or how much ? Well you ate without being mindful. If it’s a technique that you can use to help you with weight control, then why not do it.

What ever you have decided to put in your mouth, you should enjoy. You decided to eat it so enjoy it. Its not the ideal mindset to put something in your mouth and have an internal fight about it. So change that mindset. Eat without guilt.

Mindset and weight go hand in hand. I’ve just shared some handy tips on being aware of what you eat, being accepting of what you have decided to eat, a new way of eating, getting some movement in your day (yes walking is acceptable as are stairs), and drink water.

This advice I have given you leads to towards a better mindset and a healthier body. Be kind to yourself.

This was part I
Next week I will release part II

Hope you enjoyed my easy read….or as I called it earlier, a refresher.

Specialising in weight release at The Positive Thinking Clinic using Counselling, Hypnotherapy, and Licensed weight loss programs.

Amanda Dounis