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Hello and welcome. My name is Amanda Dounis from the Positive Thinking Clinic. In this video, I have a discussion with you about…

What I believe we need to do in terms of tips and strategies to ensure that our children in our early learning centres are equipped with the same tips and strategies that adults and older children are required to have. 

To help them feel less stress less overwhelm and to have overall coping skills.

I run the Positive Thinking Clinic where I offer services of Counseling and Psychotherapy. I have many workshops for children. I am also the owner of four early learning child care centres: Banbury Cottage, Little Dolphins, Rainbow Cottage and Babyland Childcare Centres.

I am here to share with you today, amazing insight to help neutralize and normalize what we do to help our children be part of emotional wellness and healthy mindset as they are part of the pandemic environment.

Just because they are young children it does not mean that they do not listen and learn from adult responses and reactions. For this reason it is extremely important that our educators are equipped with the skills and knowledge to be appropriate role models to help our children feel calm and safe.

It is also important that our children learn these skills and practice them so that when they go home and they see their parents feeling stressed and overwhelmed our children can teach moms and dads techniques to help calm and to relax. So really we are all in this together.

I discuss with you some tips that are useful for adults, educators and our children. In the end you will realize what we do in our childcare services to help our children move safely and competently through this pandemic. We do this via keeping our educators safe and mentally and emotionally equipped too.

Thank you.

Amanda Dounis

Positive Thinking Clinic

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It is important to know that resources are available if you are experiencing anxiety , and exploring other websites, such as mindaustralia, and headspace.  

I welcome you to visit my podcast to learn about anxiety basics.

In any emergency you can always reach out to lifeline.

Help is also available for kids, and support for families too.

You may find my Coping Skills Handbook a great resource.  It teaches kids how to cope with everyday challenges using a simple C.O.P.E. formula.

You can find out more about me on natural therapy pages or psychology today

I am a level 3 member of the Australian Counselling Association and am a member of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia

Here is a short clip on FAQ at Positive Thinking Clinic https://youtu.be/GNWaRVsC-OU

Ways that Positive Thinking Clinic can help you https://youtu.be/m0z-f0PSQNM

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