When there are times you feel powerless, just remind yourself that you do have the power for so many things.  Let’s consider some of them.

The power of choice

You have choices.  You are also capable of learning to accept what is.  At this point you can also assess your own power to be unique and true to yourself.  At all times you can always turn change into opportunity.  Too many times, people look at change with fear.  

How you feel about change

Some people fear change because they become comfortable with their current situation.  Why do some people choose to stay as they are, even though they can improve their situation.  Most people answer that change makes them uncomfortable and they prefer to sit in their own discomfort.  

I’m going to suggest change is inevitable and as uncomfortable it may be, it may be useful to move towards progressive change.

When you find yourself in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, notice what is in your control or what isn’t.  Have a look at your choices at any particular moment.  What you decide to do may have an impact on your day to day living.  So remember you always have the power over your choices.  Hypnotherapy can help you visualise choice and become empowered.

Be authentic 

Just remember to be genuine to yourself.  Be authentic.  Be true.  I often ask my clients, “what type of person do you want to be?”  I even ask myself this on a regular basis.  This keeps me on track with my actions and my goals.  Another good point of assessment is to look at your values.  Do your values add up with your actions?  

Remember if you embrace change, you may lead to wonderful steps in the right direction.  How about you face it with a more relaxed attitude and remember you are at all times in control.

I hope these tips have been an opportunity to shift your mindset in the right direction.  Add your own tips and create that better and more powerful version of you.

The power is within you
The power is within you

Hypnosis can be useful for wellness

Best of luck

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