Sometimes we feel stressed when we commence a new job.  

Lets say this can be a normal experience (to some degree…till it becomes unhealthy for our mind and body???)

We often wonder about our performance and what to do, and so let this be a signal to work towards the best version of ourselves at any given time.

Following are some tips which you may find useful.  

You may find you have some tips of your own, so feel free to empower yourself with expanding your list.  And if you have never had a short list, then that may be what was missing.  Sometimes it takes a “focus” on a list whether on paper or mental, so that we can give ourselves direction.  And what happens when we have direction? We gain confidence.

So lets explore some tips…

During the first few months at a new job:

  • Say yes to opportunities, even if you are not sure how to go about them.
  • Have achievable goals that you can measure your success with.
  • Reflect regularly on your goals.
  • Look for ways to solve problems for your team.
  • Re-evaluate your social group: and branch out.
  • Be involved with meetings around your company and offer what you know.
  • Continually work on developing good habits.
  • Work out what your leadership needs and work out how you can be part of that vision.
  • Be aware of how you spend your time so that you can ensure you have time to do the things you love too.
  • Ask your boss for regular feedback.
  • Try have chats with persons higher than your boss, even if its small talk.
  • Look for opportunities to network with co-workers, even if its just grabbing a cup of coffee.
  • Reconnect relationships with former co-workers: for instance go back to your previous workplace and ask for LinkedIn recommendations.

Now I know this list may overwhelm you (if you let it….).

But I’m going to suggest that all you need to do is be familiar with it, and allow each to be seen as an opportunity to do within your working day.  Go ahead and try it and when you reflect back on it you will feel good that you are on the right track.  Its great for building your own skill sets.

Good luck

Amanda Dounis