Play clean, handle victory and defeat with style and dignity.

Sportsmanship is an attitude which can influence others around you.  It takes maturity and courage.

Have you ever paid attention to the amount of games that have been lost due to “unsportsmanlike behaviour”?  Just look at the number of penalties that cost the game.

  • Play fair
  • Respect and follow rules
  • Respect what the referees and officials say
  • Respect your opponents 
  • Respect yourself

Wow,  lots of “respect” happens in sportsmanship!

Just remember how you want to be treated.  So do the same !

You may not always win, but you can definitely learn something from losing.  

When you lose, lose with dignity.  Be proud of how you performed, and notice anything that needs improving for next time.

Be fast to congratulate winners.  No complaints, no excuses, regardless of your personal view or whether the referee was accurate or not.

Be a generous winner.  Do not humiliate opponent(s).  You can still be proud, but you can also be quiet.  Victories are loud enough.

Find ways to compliment opponents.


  • Congratulate opponents regardless of who won
  • Be positive towards your own team
  • Stay cool and control your temper
  • Acknowledge good play from either team
  • Accept what officials say
  • Avoid violence (this is not how to settle disputes)
  • Learn everything you can about your sport
  • Speak respectfully to everyone (your team, opponents, referees etc)

Don’t forget to have a good time.  You wont have that much of a genuinely good time if you only focus on winning.  

Play fair while you have fun.

Oh and being a good sportsman is not just for when you are on the field.  

Use it in other areas of your life (work, school, family etc).

I sincerely hope your attitude is positively enhanced after reading this material.


Amanda Dounis

Yes, I’m a good sportsman, even when I am the only one on my team.