This is a world wide technique.

It combines play therapy and art therapy.

Sand tray therapy is a technique use to assist heal children, adolescents, and adults. It is an opportunity where they can express their thoughts and feelings where words alone are not enough.

sand tray therapy

We use a tray with sand and mini toys so that the individual can create their play world. This also allows opportunity for uniqueness.

Sand tray is also used for personal growth and creativity. It is a wonderful opportunity to exercise growth mindset too.

Play therapy allows individuals catharsis and insight into personal issues. There is freedom to express what one is going through, it allows for the development of skills, in particular, decisions making and problem solving.

Individuals are encouraged to create their own reflection of their own life. Here they can remove conflicts, remove obstacles, and find a key acceptance in them self.

This type of work is brain informed and research based.

The fact that it begins by being non-verbal yet therapeutic, can allow the access of inner thoughts, struggles and concerns. Gently weaved into the session is talk therapy using the sand and figures as communication tools.

Sand play is useful for those who have suffered some form of trauma, neglect or abuse.

It is also a growth mindset tool, so in my clinic I use it for a number of different reasons.

Sand Tray can represent the past, the future, the present or any time period with an overlap.

There is no right or wrong way of using Sand or its ornaments. In fact they become personal for the individual user. Combined with the correct therapeutic guidance, expression and healing can take place.

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