Anxiety is a feeling you get when you expect something stressful to happen.

Focusing on bad thoughts can make you feel real worried.  

A small dose can actually be helpful:

It can keep you sharp and focused.

But when symptoms are so strong that you cannot function or feel sick, you wont be able to do so well.

Not much you can do if you are feeling this way because you did not prepare for your test, but if you have prepared, and you learn to handle your anxiety, then you can perform your personal best and aim for a great mark.

Tests are a great measure of learning.  

Infact tests are part of life: we have driving tests, or tests to get into certain courses…

So if you are the type of person who experiences test or performance anxiety you can:

  • Ask for help (e.g. parent or counsellor)
  • Be prepared (study and complete your work)
  • Expect the best (say positive things to yourself)
  • Block bad thoughts (keep a look out for negative self talk)
  • Accept mistakes (we all make mistakes… don’t be too hard on yourself)
  • Take care of yourself (sleep, play, and eat well)
  • Breathe better (breath slowly in through your nose, breathe out slowly through your mouth.  Do this 4 times.