Say to yourself ‘I am okay’ and repeat ‘I am okay’.  Be okay with where and how you are right now. Find your pathway to acceptance of yourself.


There are bound to be some parts of you that you are not completely happy with. We are wired to look for and notice first the negatives. And chances are, you are wondering how certain things ended up like they are.  You question things.

The question to ask key is:

Who was born with a complete guide for living life? I’ve never seen such a book. There is no such thing as the best life or a perfect life. Have you ever come across anything perfect?  I haven’t.  And I don’t expect to.

GROWTH MINDSET: Find your pathway to acceptance of yourself.

We often forget that for us to live a full life, we are here to live a life of rich experiences, to make mistakes, to learn and grow, and keep growing. We keep practicing and use (or create) skills for coping and travelling along. This is the basis of our growth mindset which is so important for all of us.

BEAUTIFUL MISTAKES: Find your pathway to acceptance of yourself.

Once we have started to build self awareness and we have accepted where we are in our lives we simply must accept who we are right here and right now. Accept ourselves as the people we are with all our faults and all past mistakes. Even accept that we will make future mistakes too.  And only then will we be able to live a life of content. Find your pathway to acceptance of yourself.


So this is where self-esteem comes in. Our level of self-esteem is our direct reflection of our evaluation of our own personal self-worth or capacity and our self concept is either a positive or negative evaluation of that sense of self worth. There are pathways to unconditional self acceptance.

Building and maintaining our healthy level of self-esteem and maintaining our healthy self concept is essential for us to have the opportunity to live a full life and work towards our potential. So believe in yourself.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: Find your pathway to acceptance of yourself.

You must believe in your own self worth.  From here you can live positively.

Your life matters. You are okay no matter what you have done in the past or what has happened to you. You are okay. 

People who decide to take their lives do not believe they are okay. They believe they are broken and cannot be fixed. People who make the decision to end their life honestly believe that others and the world in general will be better off without them. Find your pathway to acceptance of yourself.


And those who make the decision to intentionally hurt another person physically or emotionally who are angry at others and the world or constantly annoyed and disappointed with themselves are experiencing their lack of worth or lack of self-esteem. They are constantly measuring or comparing and consistently finding themselves wanting. This is a recipe for depression or worse. 

We must not intentionally hurt others otherwise we are destined to live a life where we feel that something is always missing or we feel continually compromised. If we are looking for someone else to accept us or love us, or for the world to recognize us and our worth, we must first find it and recognize it within ourselves. This is the pre-requisite.

Our life is ours to live. And we are entitled to live it the way that we want. Despite that we are generally all grown up, naturally wanting the approval of our parents. We are not here to live the life our parents want or wanted for us, no matter how challenging that can seem. 

WE LIVE FOR US TOO: Find your pathway to acceptance of yourself.

And while many of us commit to live with or marry another, the purpose of our lives is also not to live only to please a spouse or even our families we are here to live our lives and be the best version of ourselves that we can and to be the best role model for well-being that we can be to others. That means we will and must experience ups and downs and we must live true to our own beliefs and values.

We have made the decisions in our life. We have done the best we could at the time with the knowledge and resources we had within us. At that time with this set of beliefs and values that we had at that time in the circumstances we found ourselves and with our family makeup our background culture and our environment. 

Now is always the best time to start and remember if we are looking for someone else to accept us or love us or for the world to recognize our worth, we must first find it and recognize it within ourselves. 


Once you accept where you are and who you are, then you have the opportunity to accept ownership of your choices, your decisions, your outcomes, your situation and then ultimately your next movements. Find your pathway to acceptance of yourself.

You can accept empowerment and empowerment feels really really good.

So I would like you now to accept your strengths and abilities, accept and acknowledge your skills and attributes and all the wonderful unique things that are you.


It is so important to acknowledge all the positive and good things about yourself and there is always something you can acknowledge.

Based on what we have just been exploring, this process takes self reflection. And it can also be really helpful to seek out others who have a strong sense of self worth and find out how they built theirs. As mentioned earlier this is a very personal journey.

Acknowledge yourself right now. What are your personal strengths, attributes, qualities, skills, or accomplishments? And if you are really struggling to come up with anything that you are proud about, consider what your best friend or closest family members might say if they were asked to identify your personal strengths or qualities. Try to ignore your inner critic for just one moment – if you have one.


If you find you struggle with acceptance and moving forward, hypnosis can help you discover your own resources and pathway.

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