My contribution to kids wellness is for young children and teens to work towards being a better and healthier version of themselves.  I want them to be empowered within themselves and keep this strength progressing as they get older.  But what does this mean?  This means acquiring healthy selves coming from all directions of the environment and all influences that surround them.  Let all the kids of school age contribute to their own growth, health and development as they pursue their journey – and with their own skill set.

Each individual will feel that they are capable within themselves to reach their potential.  They will have a “healthier” definition of health.  Health is so much more than what they may think.  Health is what they see, hear, speak, ingest, and so on.  They will realise that they can accept challenging moments whether through people, teachers, friends, academics, sports, health or imagination.  And this will be because their healthy selves will be able to resist ill definitions of thoughts, pressures, relationships and more.

I will do this by helping them realise they are resourceful, and to seek resources.  And by being resourceful they create their own bank of techniques to suit them, and learn to upgrade their tools as time progresses.  They will learn to learn and grow from knowledge and self evaluation.

This will change their lives by being in charge of themselves.  They will become flexible and adopt a growth mindset. 

They will become more curious towards change and difference.  In fact they may learn to move towards discomfort as a place of development.

I will know they have achieved this when they are able to face small challenges as best as they can.  They will be able to face anxious moments, they will turn failure into feedback, they will be driven to improve and they will embrace change.

This is important to me because I come across so many children who give in and stop trying.  They seem afraid to try. 

This is often due to fear of failure, fear of disappointing others, and fear that they are not perfect.  I will then feel I made a difference to those I have reached out to, because they will accept and be ok with their best effort at any given moment with whatever resources they have available to them.  

I call out to the children who feel stuck and unable to “grow”.  I call out to the children who wish to lose the fear and gain the confidence to accept their current version of who they are.  

Thank you for accepting yourself as important.  There is goodness in all of us.  We are eager to help others yet we may forget to help ourselves.  Lets’ not forget we will be our best versions for others when we become our best versions for ourselves.  And when something is not working, we learn to look for change, and become comfortable with this. May this new way, this new attitude be contagious and spread across all the children and their communities.  May they learn to speak and behave the language of health and ongoing wellness.

so I wrote a book called

“My Coping Skills Handbook –

4 Steps for kids to cope with everyday challenges”

my contribution to kids wellness !

available early 2020

contribution to kids wellness - my coping skills handbook
contribution to kids wellness – my coping skills handbook

With all my best,

Amanda Dounis

Amanda Dounis

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