Below are a list of promotions specially selected for May.  

If anything interests you please book in early, and feel free to pass this information on to anyone who may be interested.  Remember we are all here to do the best we can and be the best versions of ourselves.  Good luck.

So far the promotional packages have served to be rather interring and inviting for individuals and small groups.  I am also flexible to meet individual needs.  If you would like to make suggestions or changes, you are welcome to let me know.

Self Hypnosis and Weight Release Audios

$200 for 2 hours 

Suitable for adults.

Allow your subconscious mind to create a new learning so you can achieve your perfect weight.

PART 1: How to use self hypnosis; beliefs, stress, emotions, focus, love and more. [ 1 hour ]

PART 2: Habits, Emotions, Love and Acceptance, and Self-Control.  [1 hour 10 min ]

Use these tools with your own desire, belief and commitment

Relaxation and Meditation for Teens

This audio helps you to make changes to your mindset which ultimately leads to promising results.

One session: $30

Suitable for teens

Teens often find it difficult to relax and rather enjoy the opportunity to do so with out much verbal interaction.  I provide the appropriate conditions for teens to feel safe, to let go and unwind.  They are given meditations to listen to offering them guided visualisation practices that are relevant to their lives and their stages of development.  This works best in small groups of up to 5.  Normally its a small group of friends who decide to come and give it a go.  Individuals who choose to come alone are most welcome to.  

Yoga and Mindfulness Practices 

One session: $50 [1 hour]

Suitable for kids and teens

We engage in a handful of different activity types to create an experience of yoga and mindfulness.  Our main elements that we use are CONNECTING to our thoughts, our feelings, our surroundings, and to others.  We also use BREATHE, as we explore different ways to use our breath, and witness its impact on our stamina, our energy, and our emotions.  We use MOVEMENT.  This helps us develop our own control and power as we find strength, balance, flexibility and curiosity with movements.  We emphasise FOCUS a great skill to acknowledge what our mind is doing.  We aim to strengthen our ability to focus and learn what to do when notice we have been distracted.  And lastly we RELAX and give ourself opportunities to rest and restore our mind and body.  Kids love this as it allows for lots of creativity, conversation and curiosity.

Singe Session Hypnosis on Depression

Single [1 hour]

A hypnosis session on depression is designed to shift your mood and to open yourself to opportunities forecast for change.  It is not a cure and I encourage any person interested in this session to consult with their treating doctor.  Hypnosis is a supplementary tool, and should be treated as such.  I look forward to making any difference to anyones life where I can.

I hope some of these packages appeal to your wellbeing or personal development.

Amanda Dounis

Psychotherapist (Positive Thinking Clinic)

1/7 Magdalene Terrace Wolli Creek 2205

Book now or 0458 850 850

As April contained the school holidays I also ran sessions on HSC related issues.  Its best to connect with me on social media to find out future times and costs.

Emotional Wellness for Kids was on the Menu for April at Positive Thinking Clinic, Wolli Creek. 

I have noticed that a lot of work I engage with in kids has to do with 

emotional wellness.
Kids need support in this area. And in saying that, this is an area that 

can be easily damaged /affected. 

This is an important area of development. 

For this reason I have created a face book group called “Emotional Wellness and Kids”. 

This is a group that is made up of anyone who is interested in this topic. We welcome parents, carers, siblings, counsellors, teachers, etc… anyone involved with kids. 

We aim for positive discussions, questions /support, tips, and more. Anything to help members. At the moment its a closed group, and we may soon go public. Yet to be decided. Please sent me an email if you wish to be part of it and are finding difficulty connecting. 

This is why I have decided that April will be the month where my workshops will focus on Emotional Wellness for kids. 

All kids welcome.
We covered: 

Emotional intelligence and expanding our emotional vocabulary 

Being able to recognise our strengths and resources within; as this assists with problem solving skills 

Communication skills (for speaking assertively)
Using courage (and giving things a go)
Using self compassion and being mindful (wellness tool) Using our imagination to visualise ourselves in our best form 

I aim for this group to interact with not just me but with each other. This 

is how we will grow and develop our interpersonal skills. 

I welcome individual goals so that I can assist each child to get the most out of it. 

Please email me asap to book a time for any future dates [not just school holiday – sometimes I run them on a Saturday]

Places are limited, you please book. 

Each session is different so kids may attend more than one if they choose. 

See you next time, 

Amanda Dounis
0458 850 850 

Kids just love coming to my workshops during school holidays and I have lots of regulars that attend.  I welcome all new kids and I ensure all kids are happy, well socialised, privacy ensured and everyone feels comfortable.  It is always a pleasure working with kids as they represent our future.  Emotional wellness is a real important topic that we need to stay on top of.  I look forward to continuously working with kids.  

Till next time…

Ill leave your with an interesting read that I have already circulated in the past as this is a relevant time of year where some teens begin to feel the pressure and lash out on parents.  This is not acceptable.  I hope you find the following interesting (feel free to skip it if its a topic that does not interest you)


Parents, just like anyone else can be abused by a child or teenager.  This can become criminal behaviour.

Many people consider parent abuse to be the result of bad parenting, neglect or the child suffering abuse themselves, but many teen abusers have had a normal upbringing and have not suffered from these issues.


Your safety is important.

You are not alone with this.

Rely on yourself and your friends.

It will take time to fix this.

It is usually the mother (or main caregiver) who is most affected (but may involve fathers and siblings too).

Where possible, both parents (or caregivers) should unite and work together.

Parent abuse is a form of domestic abuse and is a serious problem which may result in physical harm, depression, damage to property, job loss, and family breakdown.

Quite often the child is wilfully abusing the parent for enjoyment, since the ability for empathy and compassion is not present in the teenage psyche, and is a way of dealing with anger management issues, psychological disturbances and hormones. But this is not acceptable.

Help your teen understand what you expect.

Use behaviour contracts and family meetings.

Remove privileges when necessary and spend time together doing things you both enjoy.

Remember, you are not your child’s only or sole influence.  You may not have a part in causing what is happening now, but you do have some power to direct how your relationship can move forward.

Parents must take the time to learn their child so they can have a meaningful relationship that the child will want to keep healthy.

Each case is unique, but here is an example of a typical adolescent-parent abuse interaction; 

Adolescent makes request

Parent asks for clarity

Adolescent provides information

Parent acknowledges but decides to say no

Adolescent tries to change parents mind

If the parent stays firm, abusive remarks, threats, destruction of property etc may occur.

Types of aggressive behaviours are very important to recognise for appropriate treatment of adolescents and parents abused by the same.

The more tendency towards abuse and negative behaviours that the parent exemplifies, the more reactive the child will also be, more often in a negative manner.  Balancing these two dynamics is key to health family dynamics reducing potential abuse within families, whether it be parental abuses or child abuses.

Intervention is perhaps the best solution to confront adolescent parental abuse (though this may not always work).  There are times where the child may have mental illness, thus he or she may act out emotions in the only way they understand.  This can present itself as violence, emotional abuse, destructive behaviours such as destroying personal property or self bodily injury.  Seek help.

You are not at fault, and you do not deserve this.  So, speak to a friend, or your GP, or contact a domestic abuse support group.  Seek professional help.  Let the school know and have your child referred to a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, informing them you are suffering parent abuse.

Do not suffer in silence.  Take back your control.  

You do not have to give your power away and you can put a stop to this abuse.

Keep a record of events with dates and times etc.

You may, confront your teen with his /her behaviour, calmly letting them know you will not tolerate it anymore.

Explain to them that it is abuse.

Explain they need professional help.

Re-assure them you still love them.

Remove all privileges, rights to mobiles, computers, video games, money etc and refuse to become a taxi or uber service for them.

If they refuse to come home, report them to the police as missing (sometimes police intervention is enough of a wake up call for them).

A very useful article on Violence towards parents can be found on and then click on Violence towards parents – parent link

Its a useful read. And explains parent abuse, why kids do it, what you can do, getting police help, and looking after yourself.

I hope you found this useful.

Amanda Dounis