Look after yourself as it is you who is in control of your wellness and wellbeing.

Define wellbeing

We all vary with our own definitions so I invite you to ask yourself what your definition of wellbeing is. I suggest you take a moment to acknowledge if you are travelling well. And as you do this, you can also create a short list of what extra you can do to support your wellness journey.


It is important to remain realistic with your expectations. Being realistic keeps things as simple and doable as possible. Forget not that we are all a work in progress. We therefore continue learning, or we continue deteriorating, depending on our circumstances. For the moment however, ask yourself how you are progressing and growing. There must be parts of you that need to be looked after more than others. It’s therefore best to plan for this. Have strategies in place.

Its so easy to see what parts of individual children need more “looking after”. Some kids are sensitive, and as we learn this about them, we know to make effort to look after this part. Do it for yourself too. Get in touch with yourself and determine where the care needs to go.

Your feelings

Your feelings may speak to you and give you messages. I call this feedback. And its most definitely useful. You should be mindful, pay attention. Notice what your feelings communicate to you. Most important however is how you respond. It may be time that you evaluate your responses to yourself. Are you kind and compassionate enough?


I like to suggest you are kindest to yourself than to others. I say this because I have discovered that most people who visit my clinic, realise they are not kind enough to themselves and once they being practicing kindness and compassion, their world begins to change for the better.


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