Homework Focus

Time Management

Feeling Confident and Motivated


Too often we hear the common complaint that children are struggling to focus or concentrate, or even fit homework in.  Why is this so?  Do we have too many routines and activities? 

Lets remember we want happy kids.  So how can we achieve homework focus, effective time management, and confident kids who are motivated?

Well let me first tell you that this workshop is not for parents.  Even though parents may need to make some adjustments to the pressures they may place on kids, or on the activities in their lives…this workshop is just for kids.  

This workshop/ program will encourage kids to be responsible and accountable for their own actions (with the help of parents when needed).  Kids can take responsibility for focusing on their own homework and being proud of it (instead of waiting for a third person to tell them that its good, and thus make them feel good or not).  Kids need to be proud of their own efforts for doing their personal best.  

This workshop/ program aims to make kids eager and motivated to complete their homework without the usual push from parents and without the fear of getting it wrong.  Remember we learn from our mistakes.

Let kids be aware of the time they have available for play, for food, for rest, for work, for sports and other activities.  Most can be met without the “rush”.  Time management helps set boundaries so that kids can be “present” for each activity.  What do I mean by this?  Dinner time is dinner time, and a time for eating and being present.  Its not a time for worrying about where they need to rush to next.  Its all in the language we use and the language we teach our children.  If we have 30 minutes to have dinner then spend 30 minutes having a quality interaction rather than spending 15 of those minutes teaching children that we need to start rushing soon.  

So this workshop/ program will teach children time management and discuss some tips that they can take away.  

Most of all we want confident kids who are motivated to participate in and complete what they start.  This includes, cleaning of bedrooms, helping with dinner, doing school work, getting ready for school, participating in sports and other extra curricular activities.

I decided to put this workshop/ program together because common complaints I hear are usually from lack of motivation to do homework, poor time management skills, stress, anxiety, frustrations and more.

My goal is to give all kids an opportunity to reflect, evaluate and make improvements to their current situations and to feel empowered the moment they leave my workshop.

I look forward to this challenge.  And the result that follows.

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