Get to know your feelings:

  • Name how you feel
  • Think why you feel that way
  • Put it together into words

eg.. I feel nervous because I have a math test tomorrow

Now pick someone to talk to

Just by having a chat with someone, telling them how you feel and why, can help you start to feel better.

Talk about your feelings any time

Infact its great to practice this, even if its just small talk

e.g. I am real excited about the game tonight. I think I will play full game.

You don’t have to talk about every feeling you have.

But noticing your feelings and describing how you feel and why is a great habit to get into.  

It becomes healthy to regularly talk about your feelings.  Why? Because one day if you are experiencing something difficult, you might find it easier to talk about it.

So remember, talking about your feelings is a great thing to do.