Kids Self Empowerment Workshops

September 2018 school holidays

Monday 8 October 2018 3:00pm-5:00pm

Friday 12 October 2018 3:00pm-5:00pm

Cost $50 each 

Self Empowerment Workshops include:

  • Mindfulness skills

Kids gain the opportunity to experience how to:

Calm their mind and body

Pay attention

Become more self aware

Feel happier and confident

Connect with others, and 

Have fun

  • Meditation

This is one of the kids favourite moments.  Meditation is happening everywhere; in social/ private settings, and groups/ individuals.  There are many benefits to meditations with children.  They spend time with their own self, experiencing the moment, visualising positivity, relaxing and unwinding

  • Controlling (and letting go of) Anger and Tense moments

Kids learn:

Simple skills to successfully manage anger

Tools to calm down during emotionally tense moments

Strategies to overcome anxiety

To use anger in a healthy way

Steps to create positive changes

  • Bullying (knowledge and what to do) and Resilience building skills

We look at the law, and our rights as individuals.  We explore scenarios and ways of dealing with issues publicly and privately.  Kids become equiped with their “rights” and the correct path to follow.  We also work on resiliency to ensure kids can continue moving forward in a positive and healthy direction

  • Anxiety Solutions and tips

Anxiety solutions are created from mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, brain research, and positive psychology.  

The aim is to help children manage anxious thoughts, create well being and build resilience.

All activities are solution oriented so that kids learn to re-route the brain quickly.

We learn anxiety and so we can unlearn it.

  • Self compassion

Have you ever thought about carrying out a random act of kindness.  What could you do? How will you ensure that you will do it?  I aim to stimulate conversation and promote mindful and kind ways of being.  This assists each individual in building their own values and being the best they can be at any given moment.

  • Melting worries

I like to encourage thinking by using cognitive therapy techniques.  The aim here is to directly change your thoughts to worry less.  I encourage relaxation by engaging in exercises to relax the body and the worried mind.  I promote movement /doing, using behaviour therapy techniques.  This is useful for changing habits and behaviours to effectively manage worry.  I encourage mindfulness by increasing awareness and acceptance of the present moment.  In summary, I use a bunch of cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness strategies to release anxiety.

  • Choosing strengths

We all have strengths but sometimes we don’t know that we do.  Did you know that being curious is a strength?  If we are curious, we may explore other ideas, we may even ask another person how they are feeling….  It is important that kids realise they possess inner strengths and how they can be used in different scenarios.

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