I have run 162 hours in 162 days.

Once upon a time a lecturer of mine used me as an example. He had some students complaining to him that they lacked motivation.  I have run 162 hours in 162 days. Keep that thought for a moment.

Also they questioned, if they had clients how would they teach them motivation?

My lecturer had noticed how clean my diet was. And from my physical appearance it was apparent at that time that I would definitely be doing some form of physical exercise. Did I mention that I have run 162 hours in 162 days?


And so he asked me. He said ‘Amanda do you go to the gym’? I replied Yes I do.

He then asked me ‘how often do you go to the gym’? And I said ‘everyday’. 

And then he said ‘do you ask yourself in the morning if you feel like going to the gym’? 

This question very much confused me. I showed confusion on the expression of my face and I replied ‘No I do not’.

Then he replied What do you do? And I said. 


‘I wake up in the morning I get dressed. I make sure my children are ready for school. Then I put on my gym clothes I eat my breakfast. I drive to the gym and that’s where I start my day’.

He then looked at the class and announced ‘There you have it. That’s how it’s done’. Realizing at that moment that yes, whilst I need many improvements in my life there’s one thing I have right.


I have definitely worked out how to be the type of person who trains every day and does it happily and so then I looked within myself and my resources. Hence, I looked for what I do and what I do not do, so that I can see how I have so well mastered it as a routine.  Remember, I have run 162 hours in 162 days.

Being the type of person who trains every single day and does it happily. I’m curious at the end of the year, would I have kept up my ritual of running at least an hour per day?

So here it is. I know that as part of my day I am definitely going to do some physical exercise for me. I like running and I don’t like weights too much. But I like the physique that you get from weights not from running.  Tiny dilemma there.

So that means I’m flexible. For me I prefer to train in the morning. Am I busy? Yes. So what have I done to make sure that I have time to train in the morning. Well the answer is. [As relevant to the time of writing this blog]:

I have planned, that my workplace, which means any questions, concerns and complaints, will be handled by somebody else. During the hours that I am training. I organize this, because with my workplace it can definitely mean that I get phone calls every 10 minutes in the early morning.  This is not ideal if I want to be focused on training.

And so to avoid this, I pay somebody else to get those phone calls every 10 minutes. As I  said, this was my priority. These days. I have no choice but to be flexible with when I train. Because I write this blog during the Covid-19 restrictions. And the restrictions mean that I cannot attend a gymnasium.  The break is doing me good anyway.


So I use my flexible mindset. And I created a brand new plan. But that plan has nothing to do with the purpose of this blog. The purpose of this blog is to see how I do so well, what I do, when it comes to being the person that I wish to be which equals: A person who trains every single day.  And that’s it.  I have run 162 hours in 162 days, and yes I requires planning.  It doesn’t require motivation, it requires food, care, and time.

Now I may add at this point, in case you are wondering are there days that I do not train? Yes there are. Those days happened to be on a… Trip that took about 24 hours to travel from Australia to Greece (door to door). 

So as you know. And as you can imagine and appreciate, there was no way I could train during that 24 hour travel period. From door to door, the journey was about twenty three hours. And so I had permission not to even worry about training. 


I think you get the idea now that I have to really have a great excuse not to do some form of exercise. There was another occasion where I had to be hospitalized for a surgery that I needed to attend to, and of course that meant no training. And of course there was no training during recovery.I am most definitely sensible about following doctors orders. 

But as you can appreciate. I wait for good reasons to say I can not train. So how was it that I do so well, my obligation to myself to train every day and do so successfully.

Here is how the most powerful tool that I have is. There is no way in ‘my’ world. I will ask myself if I ‘feel’ like training. Who cares how I feel. I never ever invite emotion and feeling into training. And here is why: 


I have gone and trained whilst feeling unwell. With a headache. Or with sleep deprivation. And it has turned out to be one of my best training sessions. I can’t answer why, it just happened that way. On another note. I’ve had a great time indulging over night time and thinking to myself, well I can’t wait to get to the gym tomorrow just so I can feel back to normal again and burn some extra energy that I’ve added tonight. 


And then when the next day comes. I go to the gym hoping that I’ll have a great workout. And it may be one of my laziest workouts full of ‘yawns’, too many conversations and not much sweat at all.

These are valuable lessons for me. I do not ask if I feel like training I just go. I train. The song dictates, I let the equipment dictate, I let a trainer dictate, and I let friends dictate. I’m flexible there. Whatever happens happens. The main thing is I go to the gym and train. 

In case you’re wondering secretly how I get away with training every day right now…


Now that I’m living under the clover 19 restrictions, I’m a runner. I run outdoors. If it’s raining you may wonder what do I do then. Well I bought a treadmill for $500 AU. Now it does not compare to the quality treadmills that I’ve had in the past. But it does the job. It means that when I get off it I look back at it and say I just trained. 


So. I do not spend time thinking what time should I go and train. I could be watching a TV show or sending an email or eating my food. Then I noticed my body takes itself inside puts on my sneakers puts on my gym gear; I start to get ready and then I kind of realize that ‘ I’m obviously going to go and train right now’. 

My body wants to train. And I let it. (And when my body wants to eat, I let it), I don’t argue with my body. Even if it’s cold. No matter how I’m feeling. I notice that my body wants to get dressed into my gym tights and my singlet. So I charge up my music. I am at all times ready. I have enough gym clothes I have enough sneakers. My music is always charged. I have backup earphones. No excuses.  No wonder why I have run 162 hours in 162 days.


I have my water I take my Ventolin that’s all I need. It’s like, I know I’m going to train just like I know when I wake up in the morning I’m going to brush my teeth. I know that every day I will shower. I know every day I will train. And I don’t ask myself if I feel like showering! There’s no question about it I’m going to shower. I don’t ask myself if I feel like brushing my teeth.

There’s no question about it I’m brushing my teeth!


Somehow I learned this skill of ‘there’s no question about it I’m going to train’ I like it. Is painful sometimes? Yeah. I have some aches and pains? Yes have I had them all my life. Sometimes they come and go. I did lots of exercise as a child so my body’s used to movement.


I’ve done some challenges; marathons, and ultra marathons. Do I come out of it hurting? Yes. Do I recover? Yes. 

What have I learned? I’ve learned that if I don’t do anything too extreme. Then I can continue training every day. I’ve also learned about care, before I train. And the aftercare after I train is extremely important.

You can’t just get away with… oh I’ll just train today and then I’ll train tomorrow. Unfortunately you do have to stretch. You do have to sometimes get a massage. Even have a salt bath. I do these things. Sometimes I may even supplement with magnesium.

I never ever forget how I feel after I’ve come back from the best part of my day.  That is, my run. Because I know when I finish, that runners high really and truly does exist.


I used to read about it, wonder about it, well I live that almost every day now. I even have a back injury where I need a prosthetic disk and the reason why I haven’t made the operation is because they need to enter through my stomach and do a C-section. I’m not quite interested in that kind of operation.  Once upon a time I was, because the agony that I lived was unbearable. But a very wise surgeon said to me “Don’t do this surgery just yet. Let’s wait and see what your body does’.

I didn’t know exactly what he meant and it took almost a year and a half for the inflammation to go down. Unfortunately, I can’t bend my back at all. I pivot from the hips and it looks like I’m bending down. I haven’t been able to curve bend my back for years. The inflammation has gone. I don’t need to curve bend my back anymore.


I can’t do the the crunching sit ups. My back is straight. The problem that I have with my disk is a mechanical problem so I don’t need to try and make it bend. As long as there’s no inflammation. I can live very happy.  I’m not even complaining.  Where there is no pain, especially pain from inflammation, then I am good enough to be happy.

Best thing he said to me is ‘keep running,’ running lubricates your discs. When I don’t run my back is stiff. After I come back from my run, my back feels beautiful. Yes running can cause injury to (or wear and tear) to knees, hips, feet and ankles.


I didn’t suffer any of those problems (not long term anyway).  In all honesty, some little injuries may last months and even up to a year.  But once they are healed, they are not in my mind any more.  Thank goodness the spine is designed to take quite a load during running so I don’t believe I’m doing any harm.  I feel great and I have run 162 hours in 162 days.  I must add, food has a lot to do with repair and maintenance.  This means, you can eat and eat.  And yes I eat, and its rather fun!


All I want you to take away from this is, if you wanted to be the type of person who wakes up everyday and includes physical exercise in your daily routine, don’t look for motivation.


Don’t look for a reason to do it, or for a reason not to do it. Just do it. If you’re busy, plan to include it in your day. I am busy during different parts of the day, every day. And for that reason now, during the COVID-19, where I don’t have my strict morning times of training, I may train at 11am, 1 pm, 6 pm, or whenever it is. I look at my schedule and I slot in my workout without any emotion. It’s that’s easy.  And the key is – no emotions attached.

Just like the Nike campaign. Just do it. And in the end the end of the day, at the end of the week at the end of the month at the end of the year, you look back and you will say ‘yes I am the type of person who exercises every day’. I hope this was helpful.

Also, I hope you can relate it to you.  You don’t have to be a runner.  You can be a walker, or someone who likes yoga. The point is, its not as hard as you think.  Break a pattern, or create a new one.  

Good luck.

Consistency and commitment, my favourite words.

You don’t need motivation, you just need to plan to do it.

Oh when I finished writing this blog, I calculated it was day 162 of the year.  This means I have run over 162 hours so far.  Not that I am counting, but I haven’t taken a day off, isn’t that just amazing.  

Have a good year. 

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