We all get scared sometimes.

Fear can be good for you sometimes.  It can even keep us healthy.

How? Well if you get too close to a cliff, you will get scared and step back and this will keep you safe!

I bet you didn’t see it that way did you?

A little fear can also make your senses rather sharp and help you perform better.

Some people actually like feeling a little scared. 

I know I do. 

I even watch spooky movies sometimes. 

My friends go on scary rides at carnivals.

When we are scared our heart beats faster and we breath faster.  Oh yeah, the fight or flight response.  So what do we do…we either run away fast, or we face our fear.  I guess this depends on the circumstances.  I’m definitely not going to fight a snake!!! I’m going to bolt as fast as I can (and even faster).  But that’s just me. 

But when we feel scared with no apparent reason, this is called ANXIETY, and this can bring on other feelings e.g. tummy ache, dizziness, or a horrible feeling.

If you have an intense fear of something, this is called a phobia.

Anxiety can be genetic or can develop after a life event.  Sometimes illness can cause anxiety.  Drugs can also cause anxiety.

If you find you are experiencing anxiety, you should tell your parent(s) and they may take you to the doctor, or a therapist.  Anxiety can be lessened through talking, relaxation exercises, meditaions, activities, and sometimes medications are used.

I hope I just taught you lots of stuff, 

I always find that when I understand things better, 

I can handle things better.

How about you?

I hold lots of workshops for anxiety and worry at my clinic.  

The kids love doing activities the best, and also meditations.

I love the smily faces the best.

Take care

Amanda Dounis


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