Below are a list of promotions specially selected for February.  

If anything interests you please book in early, and feel free to pass this information on to anyone who may be interested.  Remember we are all here to do the best we can and be the best versions of ourselves.  Good luck.

Deal with anxiety

$180 per session [1 hour]

Suitable for all ages.

Anxiety can really interfere with our daily lives.  Sometimes anxiety can serve as a useful message for us.  If we fear something, sometimes it’s a better idea to face it, and believe it or not, this can lower our anxiety rating.  At the clinic we can learn to face our fears and worries with a new perspective.  I use a variety of integrative therapies e.g. cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, neurolinguistic programming techniques, hypnosis and more. [I work with individual strengths and needs]  

Hypnosis for relaxation

One session: $200

Suitable for adults

This is a general relaxation session.  You will leave feeling calm, refreshed, re-energised and at peace.   Feel free to bring a friend along and share the cost.  

Nutrition for mental health

Educational and inspirational session $100 [1 hour]

Individuals, small groups welcome.

Suitable for adults and older teens.

Nutrition plays a large part in mental health.  Circadian rhythm is a major foundation of mental health.  Sleep disruption and mood disorders may be at risk if there has been early life trauma.  Learn about nutrients to help reset circadian rhythm.  Learn how you can assist your digestion.  Learn the relationship with foods, bodily functions and mental wellbeing.  Did you know that vinegar can help reduce anxiety? Hypoglycemia can also be mistaken for Bipolar disorder.  Did you know that people with hypoglycaemia reach for comfort food because they release opioids in the brain?  Did you know that bone or chicken broth is a good comfort food for alcohol and drug recovery.  Food allergies do not contribute to good mental health.  And lots more tips!! So if some of this interests you come along to learn more.  This is definitely a casual and interactive session.  The aim is for you to feel leaving you have learned more about the relationship between food and mental health.

Your best year ever

One session: $180

Suitable for kids and adults

Give yourself the opportunity to create your best year ever.  Let January be your transition to the year, and let February be the evaluator where you decide to document your direction towards your best year ever.  You will consider questions such as what you are looking forward to, where you plan to spend more time, and how you spend less time on what you choose.  Then you will move towards health, love, work, school, and simply having fun.  You will write and discuss goals for each of these areas.  

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy 

This workshop is suitable for individuals or groups [large and small]

Ideal for professional organisations who wish to make a change towards mindfulness practice in the workplace. 

Cost per group: $550.00 approximately 5 hours [broken up into shorter sessions]

This program is a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Program consisting of the following themes:

  1. Beyond Automatic Pilot
  2. Another Way of Knowing
  3. Coming Home to the Present – Gathering the Scattered Mind
  4. Recognising Aversion
  5. Allowing things to be as they already are
  6. Seeing thoughts as thoughts
  7. Kindness in action
  8. What now?

A great program which ultimately becomes a great resource within your daily practice.

Single session hypnosis, counselling and NLP techniques: child issues e.g., bed wetting, nail biting etc.

$180 single session [1 hour]

Appropriate for school age kids and teens.

Some children have habits, behaviours, thoughts etc that they wish to extinguish, or perhaps do something better.  I use such sessions to deliver empowering messages and thus install internal strengths in children of all ages. These sessions get great results when the individual is really looking forward to their agreed goals and come with an attitude of excitement [and look forward to change].  Sometimes I call such sessions “one session wonders” where the participant attends knowing that its just one session, and they look forward to an empowering [amazing] experience.

I hope some of these packages appeal to your wellbeing or personal development.

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