ON MEMORY: there are different therapy systems that work

Did you know that your memory cannot recall an event, it will create it?

Now that’s scary.  It’s scary because it is not safe.  Imagine the trouble this could create?  You know there are different therapy systems that work

Your memory is not an accurate recording device like a tape recorder.

In fact memories are constructive.

You can visit your memories and even tweak them.  Yep this means you can change what you remember. 

different therapy systems that work
different therapy systems that work


Unfortunately this means other people can change what you remember too. Just by having a conversation with them.  

This is one good reason not to tamper with memories during therapy sessions unless done with great caution.

Remember what your memory cannot recall, the mind will create.


We cannot change the past.  The past is the past.  Your interpretation of your past, or an encounter from your past may differ greatly to what another person (eg, a family member) may remember.  Isn’t that interesting.  

Just like when we watch movies, you may remember certain scenes and yet someone else who was watching with you, may remember something different or even interpret things differently.


This brings me to the point of suggesting that we can change aspects of our past by changing our present day view and attitude about it.  This is something that I do rather often in therapy. Different therapy systems that work.

If one person is feeling distress about something that occurred in the past, we certainly cannot change what occurred but we can change our relationship to it.  For instance, if you feel very angry about something that happened when you were 10 years old, then this is a problem.  If you don’t feel angry about it, then it’s no longer a problem right? (speaking generally).  

different therapy systems that work
different therapy systems that work

HYPNOTHERAPY CAN ADJUST YOUR EMOTIONS: different therapy systems that work

What appears to be getting in the way is ‘anger’. So we work on your angry relationship to it.  During hypnotherapy you may allow yourself to create your internal conditions for accepting the suggestion to let go of the anger.  

Should this occur, then you have been able to make a wonder turn around.


Let me discuss ACT for a moment. In long, its acceptance and commitment therapy.  This modality directs you to avoid fusion and enmeshment with thoughts, feelings and sensations – instead of trying to stop them.

Let’s consider some key concepts, different therapy systems that work.

Pain and suffering are two totally different states, and you do not have to become your suffering, however psychological pain is normal and everyone has it.  To begin dealing with your suffering, you must first accept your pain.  Whilst psychological pain cannot be controlled as you would like, you can however realise that you can take measure so as not to inflame it and give it too much attention.


CBT however (cognitive behaviour therapy) teaches ways to control and deal with thoughts, feelings, and memories.  This type of therapy is more confrontational, and in a proactive way it is educational.  The good thing here is it is useful as self therapy as you really get opportunities to practice it yourself on a daily basis. 

RATIONAL FRAME: different therapy systems that work

A rather nice technique that I have come across is rational frame.  It goes like this:

  • Think of something
  • Now think of something totally different
  • Now find or create answers to the following:
  1. how is the first thing like the second thing?
  2. is the first thing better than the second thing?
  3. how is the first thing the parent of the second thing?
different therapy systems that work
different therapy systems that work


Very popular is the practice of mindfulness and accompanies most modalities nicely.  The basic principles involve being patient, without judgement, curious, trusting yourself without having an agenda, and just being available to see things how they actually are in the present.  So nice to just let go of everything else past and future.

This can be so useful for improving memory, reducing stress, decreasing emotional reactions, working on a more flexible mindset, assist in pain management, decrease rumination and dwelling on the past or future, allowing you to be more present in your relationships and thus improving relationships, and more.  

FINAL NOTE on different therapy systems that work

As a final note, I’m not sure if you have heard the saying, but that which you resist, shall persist.  I remember trying to resist chocolate, and it just kept persisting in my thoughts!  Well I ate the chocolate in the end.  Now hear it like this; where your attention goes, your energy flows.  Different therapy systems that work, can really make a different.

I’m going to suggest you do your best to design a beautiful day, discover your strengths and resources, and develop meaning.  This can all be collected from a variety of different therapy systems that work for you.

Sending you peace and calm.

Amanda Dounis

Positive Thinking Clinic

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