conflict resolution


In this program individuals get the opportunity to open up to what we call fair conflict rules.  They serve as bench marks to calm, listening and containment.

We look at replacing old habits with new steps of successfully progressing through conflict in a safe and respectful manner.

Setting ground rules of what is permitted and what is not, helps individuals contain their behaviours and therefore emotions (as opposed to allowing them to venture freely into disastrous pain and hurt).

Individuals create a plan of creating, engaging and moving through the sequence of conflict.

Positive communication, frustrations, and triggers are explored as they play a key role in the face of conflict and resolution.

It is also important to have a look at anger and a management plan in place.

Anxiety is considered as well as avoidance behaviours. 

While this program is about conflict between 2 parties, it is definitely each persons responsibility as to their own judgements towards others /towards themselves, creating their solutions for their personal behaviours and for that of the party involved in the conflict.

And lastly the most important part of the program is forgiveness.

A lot of light learning, but also considered light tweaking.

This does not replace a needed session of couples therapy, but it can certainly supplement any relationship therapy /counselling which should primarily be taking place.

That being said, this program is also for those who would like to participate in a conflict resolution program to build self skills. 

Done in a 2 hour session: Online or in clinic: Individual or small group.

Amanda Dounis

Psychotherapist : Counsellor : Hypnotherapist : NLP Master Practitioner