Hi I’m Amanda Dounis from the Positive Thinking Clinic, I’d like to share with you a very easy and simple technique, it’s an NLP technique. 

Actually what it involves … think of a situation that you often find yourself in that may leave you feeling lonely or sad or some negative feelings, and decide to yourself right now as you visualize that. 

What could you say to yourself instead of those negative critical conversations that you may tend to find yourself in, which leave you feeling in low mood, and negative and lonely. So if you find yourself a replacement sentence, it could it be positive affirmations, or some form of reassurance, or your own positive talk. 

And then you cup your hands together.

And then you whisper what you want to say to yourself. Say for example you say to yourself “I’m going to be in control of my reaction and I’m going to stay calm” And then you do it like this…[watch demonstration on video].

As you whispered into the cup of your hands, and you catch your warm breath as you feel the warm sensation in the palms of your hands, take it quickly, place it on your chest and give it a rub. And then you engage your imagination to allow your body to absorb the positive vibes.

The positive words, the sentences, the energy, whatever it is that you can create… allow the body to absorb it. Allow it to go into your bloodstream and let this positivity travel through your body via your bloodstream. And then you allow yourself to feel it.

Then you can do it another two to three times because the unconscious mind really likes repetition and you do this enough that it becomes habit. And takes over your usual reactions which you did not favor. 

This is a really good technique to use with children but adults use it too.

You can use it for a number of reasons. It doesn’t necessarily have to be because of an interaction with another person. It could be in preparation of something that’s coming up.

For example you want to find the right state just before a speech or a presentation and you want to deliver some confident words of reassurance or encouragement. 

Or just to give yourself something that you really want to hear at that time. We think of that sentence you cup your hands and you whisper it into your hands. You feel the warm air, allow it to be energy. Rub it on your chest allow your body to absorb it.

Use your imagination to let this travel through your whole body via your bloodstream. 

Now I simply made up this technique and you can simply add to it, and be more creative and make it more personal. Do what suits you and let it be your anchoring technique that you can use any time because all you need is your imagination and your hands.

So good luck and I hope you found it useful. 

This is Amanda Dounis from the positive thinking clinic.

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