August will be hosting some exciting packages for Positive Thinking Clinic.  We enter into the second half of the year and the timing seems to be right with what’s on offer.

Of course the normal sessions and programs are on offer, but promoting some packages always tends to give some individuals a push towards wellness.

Here are the promotional packages for August:

Single session hypnosis offer: Hypnosis for Change

$200 single session 90 min: Suitable for Adults

Hypnosis is designed to create a very relaxed and suggestible state of mind.  While it may not be suitable for everyone, it is a friendly and relaxing method which ensures you are always in control.  Hypnosis is recognised as an effective healing tool.  Whilst its is not a sole treatment, it is used as part of other treatments eg dentistry, psychological, medical and academic.  The way hypnosis can create change within an individual is a powerful phenomenon.  Change that you may seek, may have to do with perceptions, attitude, or even your own behaviours. It can create change in panic, stress, sleep, smoking, fears, anxiety and much more.  I always welcome each individual to bring in their own desire for change.  It is not I (the therapist) who creates the change, it is the willing and dedicated participant who creates it.  As a reassuring note, hypnotic states are natural and occur spontaneously for each and every one of us throughout the day.  Consider for instance, day dreaming, losing track of time whilst focusing on a task, thinking of something which creates a loss of memory of what you were just doing, and even drifting off when listening to something boring.  When your mind is relaxed, therapeutic suggestions can have a great result on attitude, perceptions, and behaviours.  As it stands, the unconscious mind is more open to ideas than our rational and conscious mind. 

Teens workshops: relaxation, confidence, meditations, self empowerment

$50 per person.  Small groups welcome.

These workshops are often organised around teens busy schedules (academic and co-curricular). These sessions with teens will promote a combination of conversation and guided visualisations /meditations.  The dynamics (and goals) in the group will determine how it will be structured.  The teens will be part of the decision making process to see what will benefit.  Techniques used revolve around feelings, speaking deeply (or just listening if preferred), tips for teen years, friendship issues, discovering strengths, guided visualisations /meditations, life tweaking tips, gratitude lists, self compassion and mindfulness, anger, and the list goes on.  Basically it’s a safe place for a small number of teens to come relax, be creative, be spontaneous and leave feeling empowered.  If teens bring one goal /request then we can implement this.  Otherwise, teens are welcome to come along and just listen to guided imagery, some NLP techniques may be used with lots of skills taught.  No one is pressured into anything at all.  Teen observers welcome.

Kids workshop: mindfulness skills for kids

$50 per child. Small groups welcome.

This is a beautiful session consisting of different practices and exercises which teach kids skills to:

Calm the mind and body

Pay attention

Become more self aware

Feel happier and confident

Connect with others

Have fun

Normally when I offer these workshops, they are deliberately small group.  I am happy to accommodate some individual needs for private sessions and will keep the price the same.  Let’s just say there is an advantage in both private and group sessions.  

Road to Calm

This is an audio session. $20 per participant for the hour.

If you are looking for a pathway to calm you are welcome to participate in the audio sessions which guide you through a process to manage emotional stressors.  Some of the tracks involve positive self statements, wind down, being mindful, creating a support circle, turning to your inner wise self, creating positive signals for yourself, and more.  The objectives met often serve the symptoms of panic, worry, loneliness, a feeling of hoplessness, frustration, betrayal, shame, resentment, anger, and general distress.  Allowing yourself the opportunity to listen to such audios can often relieve distress, especially if the techniques /tools are practiced regularly.  This tool kit has been very successful and popular in the past, I hope that it attracts the right people for self development, and healing.

The road to calm, just as the name suggests offers a pathway to calmness during times of  internal unease.  Why live with it when there is an opportunity to learn a better way of being.  Did you know there is a difference between relaxation and calm.  Ultimately we desire the skill to be calm, even when we find it difficult to relax.  

HSC Stress

Group or individual sessions welcome at $150 per student, up to 90 min.

This is definitely an opportunity for change and empowerment.  This is an important time of year now when our HSC students are beginning to feel the pressure of practice papers, trials, and the upcoming HSC itself.  I offer these session for HSC students who are currently feeling the stress, or who are worried that their stress levels are only going to increase.  I offer some wonderful guided visualisations to help with study, focus, memory, performance, sleep, routines and more.  Mostly I engage students with their minds in a way they do not feel is the enemy.  We challenge and modify common negative thought patterns, and unhelpful thinking.  And of course our students often are faced with the option to “avoid” rather than take “action”.  So my mission is to ensure that good study habits are built.  Working smarter and having a plan is key.  And of course during this stressful life milestone, for most it means that they look after themselves less.  But this is exactly what we don’t want.  We need our students to look after themselves.  This means eating well, exercising, sleeping enough, and of course relaxing.  

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