So far the promotional packages have served to be rather interring and inviting for individuals and small groups. I am also flexible to meet individual needs. If you would like to make suggestions or changes, you are welcome to let me know.

Below are a list of promotions specially selected for April.
If anything interests you please book in early, and feel free to pass this information on to anyone who may be interested. Remember we are all here to do the best we can and be the best versions of ourselves. Good luck.

Deal with anxiety

$180 per session [1 hour]
Suitable for all ages.

Anxiety can really interfere with our daily lives. Sometimes anxiety can serve as a useful message for us. If we fear something, sometimes it’s a better idea to face it, and believe it or not, this can lower our anxiety rating. At the clinic we can learn to face our fears and worries with a new perspective. I use a variety of integrative therapies e.g. cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, neurolinguistic programming techniques, hypnosis and more. [I work with individual strengths and needs]

Hypnosis for Health conditions

One session: $200
Suitable for adults

Hypnosis for conditions such as asthma, IBS, incontinence, yawing etc

This is a specialised session. You pick the condition and remember that hypnosis is not a replacement for any medical condition. You maintain your physicians treatment. Hypnosis is supplementary and aims at feeling calm, refreshed, re-energised and at peace. Feel free to bring a friend along and share the cost.

Enhanced Personal Skills Program for Kids

Educational and inspirational session $50 [2 hours]
Small groups.
Suitable for kids 6-12 years.

6 step program:

Focus on the Positives in your life
Opportunities for appreciation and being grateful.
Considering the great things you see and do, and the great times you spend with others. Noticing magical moments.
This involves other people, nature, physical activities, accomplishments, personal discovery and creativity, physical sensations, and relaxing.
If you do this often you will get use to feeling good with the things you choose to think about.
Learn about Feelings
Exploring kindness and where it takes you.
Building on emotional intelligence to become good at building skills to understand our own and others emotions. And the connections between our thoughts, emotions and the way we behave. Building on empathy.
Self awareness and being able to manage oneself and leads to an increase in confidence, self esteem and resilience.
We experience different emotions that require action from us: frustration, hurt, fear, disappointment, anger, discomfort, guilt, inadequacy, overwhelm, and loneliness. But what are their messages? We look at possible solutions for each individual.
There are also emotions of power. These include love, curiosity, flexibility, confidence, cheerfulness and more.
It is important to be able to identify and reflect on emotions, normalise them, develop strategies, and practice mindfulness.
Narrow your Focus on learning and your senses
Helping you become a better learner and participator.
When you are focused, you are present, and thus totally connected with your experience. This experience can be homework, reading, playing a sport, eating, and more.
Learn to get into the flow, be mindful, and continuously practice focus skills.
There are many different ways to focus; listening, seeing, learning, reflecting, loving, experiencing joy, reading, feeling, and performing. Doing these enriches ones life.
We can use our focus skills to continuously learn, control distractions, be confident, create positive imagery, prepare mentally for a task, and become committed.
Relaxation as a skill
Learning how to relax and deal with many situations.
Relaxation assists with feeling calm, peaceful, healthy and being strong.
Using the breath correctly is a useful technique. The outgoing breath should last longer than the incoming breath.
Using movement in any way helps to relax and get rid of stress.
Mindfulness is also a skill that is very useful. Best to program a commitment to practice mindfulness so that it can become something your regularly do.
When children relax they are better at controlling stress and anxiety and also become more positive and improve concentration.
The purpose of Co-operation
The benefits of working together with others.
Working towards common goals, or assisting others to achieve goals, helps you feel good in yourself.
Co-operating promotes interactions, allows for accountability, develops interpersonal and small group skills, allows for processing, and positive interdependence.
Children learn acceptance, inclusion, and they usually enjoy the experience too. Respect, trust, and teamwork become important.
Working on Self-esteem
The importance of self talk
Self esteem comes from within. Its about believing in yourself and being kind. Its about being confident in your choices, accepting some mistakes and still being proud of yourself.
We look at beliefs, and self talk, respect for self and others, and physiology.
Troubles, thoughts and beliefs can be challenged, and thus adjusted. We consider strategies such as new type of self talk, forgiveness, focusing on the positive, letting go of “should” and “must” statements, reframing, and encouraging one self.
Its important to allow time to relax and focus on things that make us feel better. Have you ever heard the saying …that which fires together wires together… So lets encourage ourselves to fire together positive thoughts.

Tackle your phobia

One session: $180
Suitable for kids and adults

Give yourself the opportunity to deal with your phobias. Techniques used primarily are Neurolinguistic Programming techniques. We also use some tasking and cognitive behaviour therapy. This is individualised and may consist of any of the following methods:
Phobia pillars
Therapy goals
Exposure homework
Phobia worksheet
Thought records
Panic diary
Activity diary
Compulsion blow out for phobias
Fast phobia cure
Dissociative technique – movie theatre
Fovial trance
Pseudo orientation in time
Anxiety Igniting Thoughts Worksheet
Don’t be overwhelmed with the amount of content: its just a representation of what we may use during session.

Guided Imagery for kids to transform stress and anxiety into joy and success

Educational and inspirational session $30 [1 hour]
Individuals, small groups welcome.
Suitable for kids 6-12 years.

Kids will have the luxury to relax and imagine.
They get to imagine safety, inner wizards, their special place and more.
The benefit of this is that they learn how to use guided imagery [their own imagination] to deal with times where they feel scared, or anxious, or worried. They learn how to visualise solutions and places of calm.

I hope some of these packages appeal to your wellbeing or personal development.

Amanda Dounis
Psychotherapist (Positive Thinking Clinic)
1/7 Magdalene Terrace Wolli Creek 2205
Book now amanda@positivethinkingclinic.com.au or 0458 850 850

As April contains the school holidays I am also running sessions on HSC related issues. Its best to connect with me on social media to find out times and costs.

Emotional Wellness for Kids is on the Menu for April at Positive Thinking Clinic, Wolli Creek.
I have noticed that a lot of work I engage with in kids has to do with
emotional wellness.Kids need support in this area. And in saying that, this is an area that
can be easily damaged /affected.
This is an important area of development.
For this reason I have created a face book group called “Emotional Wellness and Kids”.
This is a group that is made up of anyone who is interested in this topic. We welcome parents, carers, siblings, counsellors, teachers, etc… anyone involved with kids.
We aim for positive discussions, questions /support, tips, and more. Anything to help members. At the moment its a closed group, and we may soon go public. Yet to be decided. Please sent me an email if you wish to be part of it and are finding difficulty connecting.
This is why I have decided that April will be the month where my workshops will focus on Emotional Wellness for kids.

All kids are welcome.Just look at the sessions offered and email to reserve your spot.I know my regulars will be back, and I welcome new members too.

We will cover:

Emotional intelligence and expanding our emotional vocabulary
Being able to recognise our strengths and resources within; as this assists with problem solving skills
Communication skills (for speaking assertively)Using courage (and giving things a go)Using self compassion and being mindful (wellness tool) Using our imagination to visualise ourselves in our best form

I aim for this group to interact with not just me but with each other. This
is how we will grow and develop our interpersonal skills.
I welcome individual goals so that I can assist each child to get the most out of it.
Please email me asap to book a time
Friday 5 April 5:00pm-6:00pm Saturday 6 April 1:30pm-2:30pm Friday 12 April 5:00pm-6:00pm Wednesday 24 April 2:45pm-3:45pm Friday 26 April 3:00pm-4:00pm Saturday 27 April 10:30am-11:30am
Places are limited, you please book.
Each session is different so kids may attend more than one if they choose.
See you then,

Amanda Dounis0458 850 850 amanda@positivethinkingclinic.com.au

Kids just love coming to my workshops during school holidays and I have lots of regulars that attend. I welcome all new kids and I ensure all kids are happy, well socialised, privacy ensured and everyone feels comfortable. It is always a pleasure working with kids as they represent our future. Emotional wellness is a real important topic that we need to stay on top of. I look forward to continuously working with kids.

Till next time…